Waning Moon

Even if you're trapped in your cage, you should still dream. If you still have a long way to go, you would be a bigger fool for not chasing your dream. A dream helps you exist.
In the depths of my despair,
I gaze at the ominous white moon,
With its dark clouds,
Hoping to reach it.

I haven't seen them,
I haven't felt them,
But I wish to devour them,
The devils who will block my path.

As for those who have proved to be obstacles,
I haven't forgotten them,
I remember them,
In my sleep, in my dreams,
Because they are those beings,
I will never be.

If you're shackled in your cage,
Then I feel your pain,
Praying to God won't save your face,
Believe that life is a game.

Curse the man who tied you up,
Curse yourself for tearing up,
Live on your anger, and feed on your wrath,
That will provide you strength to fight back.

And when the time comes,
Run away and don't look back,
If the moon you're looking at is still waning,
Then don't ever go back.
Published: 8/16/2014
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