War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 13

Steve has to confront a person he doesn't want to deal with.
Chapter 13 - The Surfers Past

They were about to port out and back to the house until the woman in the suit walked up and spun Steve around. No words were exchanged but a slap that could be heard a mile away landed on the surfers face. Steve just rolled with it and let it go hoping it would end there but he was not so lucky.

"How dare you show yourself here? You'll kill him, is that what you want?" She hissed quietly ignoring the others.

A quick flash of anger passed over his face but dissipated as quickly as it came. "It's good to see you sis. Don't worry about dad. He's overly dramatic. He was going to have a heart attack when I dropped out of that expensive preppy high school, another one when I refused to go back, and yet another when I left to become a surfer instead of a corporate tool. I much doubt that he's going to have a heart attack being in the same hotel as his failure of a son."

"You always were a self-righteous bastard..." she whispered.

"Amanda, you bought in to all that crap he spewed. All that stuff about you have to go to college and have a masters in business, then live 80 hours a week in an office to begin on the path to success. Maybe that works for you but not me." Steve replied.

Amanda had a look of pain mixed with concern. "Stephen, you can still come back home. You've had your fun, go to school, make dad...."

"Make dad what? Proud of his useless son? I'm a self-made multi-millionaire and I did it without his help. I may not have as much money as dad does but then again neither does God. I've got success in my life sis. What exactly pisses you off the most? That a high school drop out has done more than you or that no matter what you do it will never be good enough for dad because you're a girl? What was it he said? Oh yeah, girls answer the phones for the men who make the choices that matter."

"YOU... self-righteous... son of a... Bitch!" Amanda snapped back with another hit landing on his jaw but this time instead of a slap it was a punch. Now Amanda had attracted the attention of a small crowd that wanted to see what was coming next.

Steve let it go and caught the next attempted punch. "I'm sorry sis, but you know it's true. Dad will always see you as a girl at the end of the day. He will always under value your achievements because of it. If you really want the life of a soulless corporate mogul, fine! Just don't do it for him, do it for yourself! Get out from under his shadow and make your own way. Now I have something important to do. Let's go guys." With that Steve tried to end the conversation with his sister by just walking away.

"Oh, what's the big plan? Find some place to surf? Go ahead turn your back on your family." Amanda replied turning her back on him. "You know mom died and you didn't even send flowers."

Steve actually paused and took a breath. The look on his face and his body language screamed that this was the one wave he would wipe out on. He turned around and the fury that showed was such that victor had to hold him back. "I showed up and even wore a suit. Dad's men told me, I was not welcome and that the flowers I sent were destroyed. Mom was the one thing I liked about the family. Now I got a world to help save if that's okay with you."

"You?! Saving the world? Right! What you mean is you're going to get high again. Dad told me about that. I know why you were really kicked out of school and the strings he had to pull to get you back in. You're still little more than just an ungrateful child."

Steve was getting mad now. His dad was rewriting history to make him the hero. "Believe whatever dad tells you if you want Amanda. He's always been a manipulative liar who has to be right and if you want to take him at his word that's your call."

"Interesting friends you got brah," she replied in a mocking tone. "A fat cow, a tattooed gangster, a chink, that goth freak and how you conned a supermodel and socialite in to this game, I'll never know. Dad was right about one thing. You can talk anything to anyone."

Dria was about to respond to the fat cow comment but Chang stepped in and pushed the others toward the door. Victor escorted the team out of the hotel and only Chang remained.

"Your insults have fallen on deaf ears young woman. Perhaps you need to think your words out more carefully. There are many that do not take so polite, a view on insults as I do. May you receive many blessings, despite your manners." With that Chang went to join the group as Amanda steamed wordlessly outside, Steve was beginning to calm down. "Now you know why I hate dealing with my family and I've never done drugs. Dad just has to win no matter what. He could never accept a son that wouldn't take the business from him."

"That was an unpleasant woman and that fat cow comment kinda hurt." Dria said quietly.

"Steve some people aren't worth it. We have a mission and we kinda know you. If you say it's not true then I believe you. Trust me I know when someone is using." Victor said, "Sad part of my life."

Adrienne huffed and almost said something but stopped when both Lisa and Chang shot her warning looks. The group got to an alley and Dria opened a passage way to the house where they tried to get back to what they doing before. Lisa and Dria cleaned up and went back to dinner prep, Steve went to his room to think and the others tried to settle in front of the TV to see if any reports of their actions got out. Oddly enough nothing showed. There was not so much as a mention save for a small comment of the scene caused by the woman in a 'gossip minute' and that was just a rumor since there were no witnesses save one person. The bodies were gone as well, not so much as a trace of a single blood drop seemed to remain and no one remembered it save for them.
Published: 11/5/2011
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