War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 15

New arrivals complete the team and new issues arise.
Chapter 15 - New Arrivals

Adam was investigating a murder. He had seen this way too often and with recent events things were getting overwhelming. His thoughts were on his kids, since the Victor he was looking at was not much older than his daughter. Interviews with witnesses led them to a suspect. When he saw them coming the kid ran and Adam took off after him. The chase led to a dead-end alley where the suspect had vanished but a child was standing there.

"Where did he go?" Adam asked sternly.

"There was never a crime to investigate Adam Snow. You are being called. Your world needs you."

Adam blinked as the child's voice seemed to speak beyond physical level. He heard and felt it deep in his soul. Something told him it was right and he walked through the portal that appeared behind the child.

Adam appeared from the other end of the portal in a small room. It consisted of a bed, bookshelf and basic furniture. The odd thing was the globe that emitted instructions. It told him to go ahead meet the others. Every instinct in his mind screamed to be careful, so he checked for the gun he carried on duty only to find it missing.

"That will not be needed Adam Snow." The child's voice said from the globe, "You will find one familiar to you. Do not fear."

"What about my children?" He snapped back.

"They are safe with their grandparents and under protection. None will harm them till the task is done." Was emitted from the globe.

"What task is that? I'm not going anywhere till I get answers."

"Your answers are on the other side of the door Adam Snow. Trust us and those that are here. You have been chosen for a reason. That reason is a connection to one that was destined."


The child's voice came to Lisa only. "You are needed. Please go to the locked room with a new name. You will understand."

By now she figured that the child could be trusted and sighed wondering what it was now. She let the others know that she would be back soon and went to the door only to read the name of her husband. The voice arguing on the other side sounded like his as well.

Lisa was take aback slightly and shared some of the concerns. Her children were important to her as was their safety. With her husband here someone had to be taking care of them. A quick check of the door showed it was open and her fears/ hopes were confirmed. It was Adam. He was being himself and covering every base. When she entered he turned around and suddenly went silent.

"Your connection to Lisa Snow has made you the choice to assume the mantle of a dead one. Just touch your wife's hand and assume the power that you are to have and share. Lisa Snow you questions are anticipated. Your children are safe with their grandparents and under the protection of powers greater than yours that can not interfere in this struggle you now have. Even we have commandments. They must be followed since breaking them carries a heavy cost. The rider can explain. Please do as asked and the team will almost be complete. Adam Snow this is the destined one that you have been connected to."

Adam was looking between the globe and his wife with confusion written clearly on his face. "What's going on and why are you here? What's all this stuff about a destined one?"

"Um...Don't ask questions honey, just do as you are told."

Adam had learned to trust his wife so he did it now. When they touched hands both felt a drain and infusion at the same time. For Adam he was given the power over air and Lisa felt he power over flame increase.

"What exactly was that?" He asked Lisa more than the voice from the globe.

"That is your new power coming into you," she replied with a smile, proud of her husband.

"New power? I am really going need a primer on this. So this is the photo shoot huh?" he asked before kissing his wife.

She kissed him back and grinned, "Well, would you have believed me if I told you I was called to defeat an ancient foe who threatens our world?"

He thought it over for a second in mock concentration and grinned. "Probably not. So what do I need to know and are their more here?"

"There are more here." she said as she cupped his cheek, still not believing he was here.

"Well this Child met me when I was chasing a suspect from a crime scene and told me that I was being called. Next thing I know a 'door' opened from nowhere and I'm here getting a bunch of double talk. You said theirs more here. Where exactly is here and am I going to be surprised when I meet the others?"

"It is a house where we are living for now," Lisa started with, "And you should not be surprised too much. You did just deal with the most surprising part."

"You know I trust you so lead on. Sure you can fill me in later." He then put an arm around his wife's shoulders and let her lead the way.

Lisa wrapped her arm around her husband's waist and led him to the others. She was smiling, happy to have him by her side.

The introductions were made all round. Adam was a bit surprised at the gathering. It was a bit shocking to see a socialite among the mix but when it came to Victor their eyes locked and a feeling of tension filled the air. "I know the big guy. Victor 'the destroyer' Garcia. He hasn't tried anything has he?"

The others could feel it as well but Victor made no moves, aggressive or passive.
"I haven't tried anything, detective. I'm not the man you remember. Somehow though, I get the feeling you're not going to believe that." Victor said quietly.

"Adam," Lisa said in the tone that let him know she would not put up with anything from him, "Victor is fine. He is on your team now so I don't want any macho crap!" She looked at Victor and then to Adam again, "The past is forgotten, got it?"

Adam kept a lock on Victor for a few more seconds and then turned to his wife. "You don't know his record. Rape, murder, assault and that's the starters. That time I went to Detroit to do a joint investigation, he came up several times in it."

"Detective, I know my history and have to live with it. I'm here because fate chose me to be here. We have to work together or we all fall apart." Victor replied,"I have no plans on anything save my reason to be here and that's to kick the ass of the beast."

"Well said my big friend. Lisa would you do the honor of introducing our new teammate?" Chang said with an air of calm.

"Of course. This is may husband Adam. He's been given the power over air since I no longer have it."

Steve suddenly got nervous as a horrible thought ran through his mind. He currently possessed the power over water and earth. If she had the power of one element taken away from her and given to someone else, would it happen to him? If it did who would it be. Then some thing worse crossed his mind. What if it was Amanda? They could never get along under the best of circumstances but with life and death hanging in the balance could they put their differences aside. The best he could hope for was that she was not the one to take his other power.

Before anything else could be done the child appeared in their midst.

"Adam Snow, be at ease. Victor is correct. He is only here to atone for his past. You are here because you share a bond with your wife beyond any you know. Another will join your number. The last to make you complete. As you know in the battle nearly 1000 years ago two of your number was killed. Their powers carried on though the blood lines were lost. That has to be fixed before you can truly free the one that can stop the beast."

That announcement made the rider seem to shrink a bit in his seat.

"The last will be here soon, then they must know dark one. The time for secrets has passed. You must all know about each other so the beast can't use your fears and doubts against you."

True to the child's word another new arrival appeared but not in here room, in the main room.

"Someone wants to tell me what's going on and why that child got me to walk through......." the blond woman in a suit said before her eyes locked with Steve's. "You had something to do with this! Daddy will hear about this and then you can go to jail for kidnapping! Now send me back...."

"Will you please shut up? You're worse than the diva. Why did it have to be you?" Steve yelled showing a major crack in his cool facade,"You were chosen right? Well welcome to the world saving business, sis." A crackle of Energy seemed to pass between Amanda and Steve as he felt the earth control pass from him to his sister but the control over water grew. "Still think I'm on drugs or lying? Now sit down and listen since you need to hear this!"

"You don't have the right to tell me...."

"Amanda Aegis you now have the power of the earth and complete the number. You need to learn to live with your brother and see the truth." the child said calmly.

"I need to do nothing......" she started before going blank. Amanda was shown the world she refused to see and the truth behind her fathers lies. When the visions ended she looked at her brother and everyone else. "So, what,we do this and then I never have to deal with my looser brother ever again?"

"Works for me." Steve said under his breath as he turned to the child.

"Rider it is time to tell the whole truth. No more secrets."

All eyes went to the rider either from curiosity, doubt or something else.
Published: 11/18/2011
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