War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 16

The rider's history and confession.
Chapter 16 - Confession

All eyes had turned to the dark one as his hollow and black eyes looked to the child.

"It must be done rider. The chosen must know what awaits them. You alone have been there and can tell them what's to be coming." The child replied even after a glare that could freeze the soul of the strongest mortal.

"Who or what is the goth wonder?" Adam whispered to Lisa.

"Can't really say. Just know he's the oldest of us and frankly he kinda creeps me out."

Adrienne had a her typical reaction to him in shrinking back as far as she could go in to the couch. The others, Chang in particular, were intrigued.

"If there's more to the tale dark one it must be known. One cannot go it to battle and be taken by surprise. It will only lead to failure." He said with a slight edge of concern in the normally calmed and peaceful scholar and warrior.

"You of all will be the most disturbed my words monk. You will have to act against your nature and kill an innocent." The base voice of the rider stated. Before anyone could register anything he continued.

"Each of you has the benefit of living a mortal life. I did once but it long forgotten as most things of 4000 years ago have been. I have witnessed things many of you call fact and others that you consider fiction. I am the agent of death tasked to reap souls that knowingly exist beyond their time. I saw the death of the one you call Jesus. In my time kingdoms that once were mighty fell to the ravages that will claim the kingdoms today, and did nothing to stop it since it was not my job or reason. The one that appears to you as a child is the agent of the great creator and stronger than any force this world could muster, but he is forbidden to act as we can."

"I am one of the primal forces that is cursed to forever exist. It was not always that way. When I cast off the mortal coil to assume this position it was by choice since there was nothing for me and I would never know peace. I would never know love. I would never know any of the joys that you have taken for granted and wallowed in."

His eyes narrowed on Lisa and Adam. "I was not destined to know love or the joys and pains that came with it, or so I believed. That's why the commandments of my job were not a problem. I could only claim those that I was tasked to, never be in love or bear children. The first was easy since I liked the challenge. The latter was never to be, until just over 1000 years ago."

The dark rider paused for a moment seeming almost human instead of a force of nature.

"Her name was Marie Spencer from the land you now call England. For the first time in over 3000 years I felt what you call love. The 'child' knew this and despite the child's better judgment permitted me to have the moment so long, as a child was never created, and it did not interfere with my duties. I agreed since I was not interested in being a father. For many years all was well until I learned that she was destined to die but continued living. My job was to claim her soul and I refused. The choice was to kill a mortal to extend her life or claim the soul of the woman I loved."

"I sought a murderer and thief that no one would miss and reaped his soul, so that she could live. The flaw was in doing, so the future was written in stone. He was to kill a woman later that day but didn't since he was now dead. That selfish act lead to an event not happening 1000 years latter. Her descendant would have been the one to kill a soldier in what history would call world war one. The soldier that lived went on to be a pivotal figure, whose word alone extinguished millions of lives in ways that should never have been done. Still at the time I was happy with Marie. I erred up again in bearing a child. He was stronger than any ever born and an avatar. The only way to allow him to live was to seal the power he was born with every year at the moment of his birth."

"On his fifth birthday the beast attacked our realm and stole him from me killing Marie in the process. Would that I could have died then, but those like me are beyond death and denied such pleasures. It fell to me, to stop the beast before he could take my child to his realm to steal the power he possessed making itself invincible. Your ancestors were called and infused with the power of the elements, energies and primal forces to assist."

"We hunted the beast to the far ends of the world and finally got it cornered but the betrayal of the sorceress caused us to lose two of our number to death, the element of air and earth. Their power lived on. Air continued in its lover fire and earth in the body of its sibling. That prevented us from finally defeating the beast as he escaped with my child. I was ready to end the life of the sorceress but was stopped. Instead she and all her descendants were to be afraid of the dark fearing my vengeance."

Lisa and Adam looked to each other, finally getting some sense of reason as to why Adam was chosen to share this with her. Steve let out a frustrated breath as he looked over to his sister who was looking back with an air of confusion. The only real relief Steve got was that in his dreams he was called a traitor and now he knew that he wasn't. The anger in is glare turned to Adrienne who didn't seem to notice.

Adrienne finally stood up and found her spine. "You did this?! You're the cause of my family's torment! I demand..."

"You will demand nothing descendant of a traitor!" The rider snapped as he advanced on her, "Was it up to me you would have never been..."

"Rider!" The child intoned, "Now is not the time. Adrienne LeVeque you will be seated since neither of you can harm each other. What the dark one says is true your ancestor betrayed the group and made it appear as if the elemental of air killed the one of earth, leading to water killing air. It was only with intervention that fire and water did not kill each other. Those events led to our current situation but there is more. Continue rider."

The suddenly human rider reverted to his usually stoic self and continued. "It was decided that none save for myself would remember the events of the first war since such knowledge could upset the progress of this world. You and your ancestors would only recall them in dreams, while I was forced to remember as an act of penance. I was promised that when the beast returned it would be my final duty to chase it back to the realm of chaos, free my son and end this threat. You're awakened since it can't be done by myself alone. We all must survive the battle on this plane, follow the beast to its realm of chaos and do what must be done. I live haunted by millions of souls that blame me for their death and cursed with immortality as well as the knowledge of what I must do."

"Chang the only way to end this is by an act that neither of us desires, one that we have to do together. We must all go to the realm of chaos, find my child and kill him. There is no other way to stop the beast."
Published: 11/21/2011
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