War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 17

Arguments erupt and trust starts to be built.
For the first time in his life Chang was silenced. It was not only because of the task, but because of the rider's tragedy. He could only look on in shock and disbelief. Adam pulled Lisa closer as they both looked at the pictures of their kids. Steve felt a strange sense of relief, since his dreams focused on being called a traitor, but now he knew otherwise and leveled his eyes on Adrienne. Victor felt a great kinship with the dark one right now since they seemed to have common issues and both were fighting for redemption. Amanda was confused. For the first time since she could remember she had even the slightest doubt in herself. In the rider she saw a father that genuinely cared for his child and it made her think of the way she was busting her ass for her father only to be a glorified secretary.

Dria could only look on with conflict in her mind and heart. She was worried about what people would think about her being a lesbian, while the rider was going to have to kill his own flesh and blood. A part of her wanted to hurt him for being a big piece of their current situation, yet another felt pity for both the darkness and his child. She could see the reactions of the others and wanted to do something to lighten the mood in the room but feared doing so. Instead she chose another route.

"Is there any way to do this without killing anyone? I can't lie and say I enjoy it but there has to be another way..."

All Adrienne could see was rage at the rider and she was more than pleased that he was suffering. The fact that it was losing a child didn't seem to bother her right now, it was all about the one that caused her fear getting to suffer as well. Eventually she might feel a small twinge of guilt but for now it was just a small measure of revenge, that's when Dria spoke and she snapped.

"Will you get over it 'singer'? What the hell do you do anyway? Sing? Big help that is. Seems to me he is getting what he deserves. Torment my family for generations and I'm supposed to feel pity for that thing? Whatever, if we're done, I'm going to my room." The French diva replied cutting Dria off.

"Listen Adrienne. This is not a game and that child did nothing! I can see some blame on the rider but his crime is what? Being human still despite being an incarnation of darkness? Just shows he's more human than you are. I know all your exploits. Your claim to fame is showing your lack of underwear while getting out of an SUV!" Adrienne was about to cut the shorter overweight woman off but Dria would have none of it. "You think acting like a stupid, brain-dead, spoiled brat is the only way to live. Well it's not and all your money and fame mean nothing if we lose this fight. If you were born in a trailer park no one would care who you are! Your fame and fortune is an accident of birth and nothing more. Now if you can't do something constructive then get the hell out!"

"Why you fat little troll! You want to be me and you know it! Even the model over there wants to be me!" Adrienne then charged up a bolt to send at the woman, but it fizzled at the point of contact. "What was that? She had that coming for insulting me!"

Surprisingly it was Amanda that broke it up by gently pushing Dria out-of-the-way. "If you're all that, then why do you not have any product endorsements and all the businesses you tried to begin failed. Don't answer, I already know. No one cares about you and Dria is right. The only way you can get any publicity is by getting drunk and lifting your dress. Even that's not working anymore, is it? If I have to accept working with him," Amanda's eyes went to Steve, who was still glaring at Adrienne, "then you will work with us. Any questions?"

"Everyone will sit down and we will discuss this. It would be good if we let all our secrets out. That makes less the beast can use against us." Chang said calmly but with authority, "Everyone will put aside their problems with each other and sit down so we can talk this out."

"Agreed." Lisa chimed in, "Adrienne sit your ass down and for the record, I have no desire to be you or anything like you. Chang you have the floor."

"Thank you Lisa." Chang replied with a polite bow of his head in her direction. Victor ensured that the French socialite returned to her seat. "We cannot fight amongst ourselves anymore. There is too much on the line to allow it. Still a question remains child, is there any other way to free the spirit within the dark ones child without killing him?"

"Would be, that there was monk but it is the only way. Killing the child will free the one force that can hold the beast of chaos in check. The beast can't be defeated anymore than the rider can. If you were to kill it, then its spirit would take another body and the problems would continue. Only the child's spirit can hold the beast in check and keep him from being a threat. I am sorry." The child replied.

"Then the choice has been made by fate. We should share our secrets and keep them in this room. We must be a team and that means trust, even if part of that is revealing a part of ourselves that we wish to keep hidden. There can be nothing for our foe to exploit. The rider has shared his secrets. Who wishes to go next?"

No hands were raised until Steve broke the ice and shared what he told Victor and Chang when they returned from the mission. He went into great detail about how he felt some guilt over not being able to see his mother at the end of her life and the hate he had for his father in not allowing him to even go to the funeral. Then victor said what he'd been hiding in his past causing Adam to fight the urge to break out the cuffs right there. Lisa held him back with a light but firm look that said, 'Don't'.

"We're off to a good start. This is good for us on many levels. Let's continue. Who wishes to go now."

Dria looked to Lisa who nodded in support and reached out to squeeze her hand.

"I will. It's not a secret per se, but it is something that the people who know have had the good graces to keep quiet. I trust you all to do the same since we fight for the same goal. I have some goals in life and want to achieve them for my talent. Here goes. I'm a lesbian. The reason I want this to be quiet is because, if I succeed I want it to be for my talent and skills not for who I'm attracted to or sleep with."

Adrienne nearly bust out laughing, but looks from Lisa and Chang as well as Victor kept her silent, though she did mumble something about a worthless dike. Victor nearly lost his temper and wanted to kill her for that but the rider stopped it and Lisa looked at Adrienne.

"This is important for the team and the mission LeVeque, take it seriously. Since you're next."

All eyes turned to Adrienne, some with contempt others with curiosity. All were filled with the intent to know what she feared besides the dark.

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Published: 12/30/2011
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