War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 19

The heroes 'bond' in their unique ways.
Adrienne's last response to Lisa was simple. "What about you, or are you as pure as your name?" Her look had some of the arrogance she carried but humbled to a degree. She still couldn't go back to her previous state, something about being genuinely honest for the first time in her life prevented it from returning.

For Lisa it was question that sliced down to her soul. She knew at some time she would have to admit this but still wasn't ready for it. Adam came to her side and took her hand. For Lisa that wasn't enough as she had to have one arm around her husband for support.

"Adam knows already. When I was younger and just starting as a model, I wasn't as nice as I am now." The look from Adrienne deterred her only for a moment before continuing. "Every shoot I'm on now is family oriented. I try to be the 'mom', that's well-known. What's less know is, I was at one time as obnoxious and self-centered as she is." Adrienne just grunted and looked away. "When I was on my early photo shoots it was all about me, since I was the next up and comer. A young model named Selena Jordan was there too."

"I remember a TV special on her. She came on the scene the same time you did. You two were the next big things in the modeling world. Sorry didn't mean to interrupt." Dria said ending it in a mumbling tone.

"It's okay Dria. You're right, she was. I couldn't take that and had to be the star. She was a very sweet girl that I tormented to no end. While it couldn't be pinned on me her problems came from my treatment, no one will convince me otherwise. She fell from the scene and I got all the jobs she would have been offered. Life was good for me while she fell to a world of degrading herself in adult movies and addictions. When I heard that she finally killed herself a few years later...."

Adam pulled his wife closer and looked to Chang who nodded to move on.

"I believe that is enough for the night. We can continue tomorrow night. Trust is essential to what we do and must continue to do. It has been a busy day. Let us go and rest. Tomorrow we can plan a regular schedule." As the others dispersed he went to Lisa and Adam. "Given your unique relationship I doubt that anyone would complain about you sharing a room. If you wish I can speak to the child on your behalf since it seems Lisa needs some time with you."

Adam thanked Chang for his concern and tried to not be offended at the prying. Lisa gently reminded him that they were the only two there, that were married. He could never say no to her and now was no exception. Lisa was falling apart in his arms so he got her out of the main room. When they got back to the hall with the residence chambers neither was shocked to see that they had their rooms combined. The room Adam had appeared in was next to hers almost as if it was anticipated. The wall separating them had vanished and a little more space was granted to them since they now had a bigger bed made for two.

"They think of everything don't they? Adam asked his wife before letting go of her. "So What's the deal now?"

"Now we rest and think about what the future holds. We have a lot to do and no idea how long it will take. The kids need both of us to come back alive. Promise me."

Adam had gone through this everyday they were together and more so when they had kids. He knew that she's worried everyday he went to a shift even if she would refuse to admit it. He had taken to almost an oath that he gave her to make her feel better. "I promise to get home safe and healthy so the kids have someone to climb and I can see the most beautiful woman in the world. Again."

"Well I can agree to all but the beautiful part. Still you're a good liar." Lisa replied pulling her husband closer and into a kiss. The child and Chang did think of everything, including soundproofing their room.

Steve and Amanda seemed to have some degree of respect towards each other that didn't exist before as well. It was a small thing but they were able to handle doing the dishes together without ripping into each other. Granted it was done in silence but that was better than the sniping they usually traded. Amanda had gotten a view of the world and her life that was fresh and deserving of thought. Steve was still trying to wrap his head around a couple of things but for the first time in his life he saw his sister as 'not-so-bad' as opposed to world-class bitch. They finished their chore in silence then headed to their rooms. It just so happened that they were next door to each other as well. Both of them seemed to have the same thought at the same time. Their hands froze on the door knobs but Amanda acted first.

"All those years I believed dad... well, they were a miscalculation. A bad choice. Maybe you're not the looser I thought you were, but doesn't mean I like you and want to have some sort of relationship." Amanda admitted while keeping eye contact with the nameplate on the door.

"Yeah well maybe you're not so bitchy and soulless as I thought but that doesn't mean you're being invited to my beach parties." Steve replied also looking at the door in front of him. "Shame too, since there's a bigger rush than riding 100 foot wave."

"If you say so, I hate the sand like you hate the boardroom. Rather do an office party anyway."

"Your loss. Good night Amanda." The surfer replied quietly.

"I could say the same. Good night Stephen." With that siblings had not only exchanged more words in a minute than they had in years but they parted without arguing.

The people who warranted the most watching as Chang was concerned were Victor and Adrienne. He had noticed the slight exchange that passed silently between them. No more words had passed between them since that moment but an action did that both scared him and gave him hope. Not a word passed between them as they went to their rooms, Adrienne said nothing to no one. Granted that was an improvement over insulting everyone but sometimes that was as bad of the complaints.

Both went to their separate rooms but paused for just a moment. Victor nodded to her with nothing but support in his eyes while the French girl just sighed deeply and went in to her room. What the others Victor in particular didn't know was that she had been forever changed by that break down Lisa gave her and the only one she felt she could trust was Victor. Victor felt that he wanted to help her but he wouldn't impose on her.

Soon all the heroes were sleeping not knowing what the next day held.
Published: 1/16/2012
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