War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 21 (The Horror Con)

Chang and the rider put on a show for Freddy, Jason and pinhead.
Chang and the rider materialized in to one of the places that their prey could blend in and feed the beast rather easily. There were those dressed as their favorite horror icons no matter how obscure they may be. Of course there were several 'Jasons' and 'Freddies' but there were also the 'Driller killers' and 'Mikes'. Neither Chang or the rider got the appeal of those films for different reasons. Chang saw them as a waste of time and the rider thought they were funny. Some of the things he had seen in his 4,000 could not be imagined and if they were ever caught on film no one would believe they were true. Besides the rider knew that he could kick Jason's ass with little more than a single blow, not that he would admit to ever thinking that. The only way Chang could tolerate them was as social analogies and he took an intellectual take on them. The killers were little more than the fears and doubts of the watchers being given a form and name. That and he would have kicked Jason's ass as well.

The look that passed between the short Asian light warrior and the giant agent of death said more than words could. They knew the mission and began to scan the crowd that was beginning to swarm them asking all kinds of questions. The sudden fans were ignored while they both got their bearings and caught the trail of the hunter they came for. It led to a main hall where Robert Englund, Kane Hodder and Doug Bradley were doing a panel discussion. The hunter was already claiming prey with ease. It was targeting those that were already in zombie garb first so they could blend in. Unfortunately he was facing those that could pick them out a mile away. The rider did it by reading the dark cloud over those in the room and Chang did it by reading the light around them. The zombies had neither and the hunter was shrouded in gray.

The hunter could detect their presence as well and would have panicked if it could. Instead it sent the zombies that came with it and those that were just created at them in an attempt to cover its escape that was not really a problem save for the sheer number of people hanging on the words of the panel.

"How do we clear the path, dark one," Chang asked, "without harming innocents?"

The rider just got a twisted grin and pulled a black shotgun out of his coat. "Like this."

He fired a round into the air that dissipated into a black cloud and rained ash over the gathered crowd. "We are actors in the next film that these men are jointly making. This is a preview. Stand back and let no one leave since one of our actors is a little shy." He said loudly to the gathered throng while pointing the hunter out. "Make it look good light warrior." He whispered to Chang before blasting a zombie in the head, splattering it like an over ripe melon. "On the wings of death, By the hands of doom, by the darkest light from the darkest moon...."

Chang took the lead and let the light radiate from his hands. "On the wings of light, by the hands of hope, by the brightest light from the brightest sun...."

"Crossing silent seas, over mountains high, for we stand as one tonight!" Both screamed at the top of their lungs as they watched the crowd part leaving only the zombies and the hunter crowded into the circle at the middle of the room. Chang launched himself into the throng of zombies destroying any that got in his path as the rider turned the shotgun into a sword and began hacking away at the soulless minions. The zombies had no way out and the hunter was trying to escape but the room was so densely packed by the fan boys and fan girls that was already very little room to move. Word of the 'demonstration' quickly spread and even more pushed in to try to get a glimpse of the actors in their full regalia destroying the horde. Some were even placing bets as to who would kill the most props. Only the hunter and the heroes knew the truth. Meanwhile the fans of both were choosing sides and chanting their separate oaths.

The hunter was making more zombies when he could but those that were protecting him fell too fast and his power dwindled to where he could no longer escape. The horror fans couldn't get enough and cheered even louder. Many even tried to get in to splatter zones so they could say they got some zombie blood and flesh landed on them. Inevitably a few though it would be a collector's item and gathered as much as they could. After a couple of bloody and brutal minutes the zombie parts that had not been collected already were littering the floor and the hunter was cornered.

"Offer the evil one to the combined forces of primal creation Great one! Permit us to honor your calling with a worthy execution!" The rider screamed to the heavens as the throng reacted. The terrified and near powerless hunter was shoved forward as the two primal forces stalked their foe.

"Death, death, death, death!" Came a chant from the crowd. The chant gathered strength till it reached a frightening crescendo. The con goers were licking it up while the rider and Chang exchanged looks of confusion and disdain for the easily led masses. Though now it was time to do their job. The rider struck first and drove the sword in to the hunter's gut. Leaving it there and standing back Chang sent a surge of light through it turning the hunter into scattered bits of quivering flesh after it exploded. With the hunter gone the zombies stopped moving and turned into lifeless lumps.

"Complete the show and we can get out of here." Chang whispered.

"Can't wait." The rider replied.

Both let the same chant loose as Chang used his light powers to create an illusion. A giant figure of light appeared above them on cue as they chanted in unison.

"On the black wind forever, we ride on together, destroying your evil with freedom our guide. When the master will storm us, he'll stand high before us, our hearts filled with splendor, our swords will shine over the light!"

While the crowd cheered the victorious soldiers Chang ducked into the rider's coat, which was actually a dark dimension, sent the figure away with a bright flash as the rider blended in to the shadows it created. Appearing back at base the light warrior emerged from the dark realm and they started comparing notes as to how to explain this little adventure.

Back at the con, a legend was born, T-shirts were already being printed and Zombie parts were being sold. Likely they would soon be a story written by some looser on the internet or a comic book, worse a bad movie that would be screened at a con like that one or a video game.


In the interest of full disclosure I put this here now.

The chants used by both the rider and Chang in this chapter are not my original writing. They are some of the lyrics from one of my favorite songs that seemed to fit the moment. The song is by Dragonforce and is entitled 'Valley of the damned'. Music is one of the things that motivates me and I wanted to give a little Dragonforce love out there as well. Leave comments as you wish. Looking forward to hearing from my readers and getting your feedback. The last couple of lines I simply couldn't resist. If you can't make fun of yourself you are way too serious.
Published: 2/2/2012
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