War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 23

The elementals get it together.
Steve, Amanda, Lisa and Adam all stepped out into what appeared to be an alley. With all the places they had gone to, it wouldn't surprise them to have been anywhere. Steve was just happy to see water even if it was really dirty. Adam and Amanda looked toward Lisa to see if she had any idea where they were. "Why do they always look at me to determine where on earth we are?" She thought to herself. What she could see was that they weren't in an overly run down area, but a look in one direction made things look extremely bleak. The same look in the other direction made it look nice and bright. That direction had what looked to be a rather high-end hotel and some nice sights.

"I hope we're going that direction." Amanda said quietly, "Looks like a nice hotel. The bed at base is nice but a king size, you can move in would be great."

"Not arguing with you." Adam said winking to his wife.

Lisa rolled her eyes and lightly punched her husband on the arm. "If that's what you want, we can get two beds and you can move all you like, alone." Lisa teased, "I love you, but shut up for a second." She crept up to the edge of the alley and started listening to the local language. Small parts of it sounded familiar. She also noticed rather quickly that the natives were dressed in what could only be called local and they were all of darker skin. Those that were peppered in, who looked like them, were dressed differently, more up town. It took a moment of concentration but she recalled where the language came from.

"Okay team, I can tell you a few things. We're at some place in Africa. My guess would be about the middle part, possibly the Congo. We will look like tourists so hope you have some money."
She reported back. Looks that came her way suggested, she be more detailed. "A model I worked with was from the Congo and she spoke with some of the same accents and words."

Seemed good enough for the others and they came out of the alley. They weren't in a bad part of the city but it didn't seem to be the best either. Steve could sense the water as Amanda could the earth. They both went into a trance like state for a moment and looked at each other. A few whispered words and they looked at the married couple.

"Toward the worst part of town. Damn I wanted that bed." Amanda reported.

"It's near water. A beach of some kind, but not one that's easily found." Steve added.

Adam went into a trance of his own and confirmed where they had to go. "The wind currents tell me the hunter is close in beach and the zombies are bringing the people to him. There's a small entrance way. He can bottleneck it with zombies. Rocks all around it. I got an idea but it will push our new training."

"No point in learning the trick if you're not going to use it." Steve replied with a grin.

"In a deal you used everything you can to your advantage. What's the plan?" Amanda added.

Lisa's reply was simply a look to her husband.


Steve was working alone and enjoying it. It was likely due to the location since most like him couldn't almost become one with the water. His body was translucent and he moved with the flow of the river. The speed and rush were beyond words. He made it to the location he was supposed to be at and waited.

Amanda was moving quickly over the landscape. The rocks were nothing to her since she had absorbed the physical properties of the stone that was being used as a natural shield. Her job was to close up the only land-based entry/exit point. She was feeling the same rush as Steve. Never before had the woman felt so close to anything as she did to the earth right now. The only thing she didn't like was that her skin had taken on the appearance of the rock. It reminded her of that comic book hero, 'the thing'.

Adam and Lisa were waiting in the air. Since they were the only ones that could fly, it made for perfect recon. It was also some real alone time. It wasn't that they didn't have privacy at the base, but there was always someone close and you could find them if the door was opened. Here they were really alone. Adam took the time to lay a passionate kiss on his wife. His mind was still on the mission but he was never going to let the moment pass either. Lisa sank into the kiss and relished the moment.

"Soon this is all done babe and we will take a vacation after some time at home with just us and the kids. I know you miss them as much as I do."

"That's why I fight on. Now I know why you became a cop. I never got it until now." Lisa replied, "I love you."

"And I love you gorgeous." Adam said with another kiss, "But we're on a mission The sooner we're done, the sooner we get to be with the kids."

The couple held hands in the air as they watched both Amanda and Steve do their thing.

Amanda and Steve had actually managed to be on the same page for a while now and both felt a weight lifted off their shoulders. It seemed without the outside influence of their father they could see things clearly for the first time. The merman was listening as Amanda casually tossed a sizable rock over the entrance to the beach. Lisa swept down and used her hottest flame to weld it into the entrance. The hunter and zombies were now sealed in with the only escape route through the water. Of course Steve had that covered. The second the hunter tried to run into the river, Steve pulled up a solid wall of water that closed in blocking the creature off. Adam was next. He called up a whirlwind that picked up the zombies and hurled them hundreds of miles away into the middle of the Sahara. When they landed, some were crushed from the force of landing others were buried. Only a couple made it with minimal injuries, but they weren't going to get far.

The hunter knew he was trapped and tried to open a portal back to its master, but Amanda in her rock form landed between the creature and its objective. Steve emerged from the water leaving a massive, but maintained wave behind him. When the time came, it would be used to cool the creature, but before that it would go through hell and he didn't care. Adam landed and summoned a gust that blew the thing into a rock wall, hard enough to leave a dent. Lisa took his hand and they combined their respective powers with Amanda's. The stern blond cast off the stones that covered her body and moved them into the superheated vortex created by the combined might of fire and air. The stones melted to liquid magma and flew at full force to the hunter.

It's scream of pain was heard for a mile when the magma, 1000 degree heat and hurricane slammed into it, but they weren't finished yet. The flesh in places had been seared from its bones. Sheer hatred of the attackers kept it standing and moving forward. That was true until Steve took the water from the wave and sent it in a full force, blast at the creature forcing it once again back into the wall. The creature was now nearly gone, but pride drove it on a few more steps and it was almost on Lisa who had stepped aside when the water came through. She was unconcerned, since a rock came flying at the side of its head. Assisted by Adam's gust, it had the force to decapitate the beast. Lisa burned the body to ash eliminating the evidence and Steve washed the surface of the beach out into the river. Amanda provided a new layer of sand by taking some of the rocks and grinding them to sand.

"So that's done. Without Dria any idea how we get back?" Steve asked innocently.

Almost as if on cue, the rider and Chang appeared.

"Dria is down right now. We are your ride. You must be prepared as it will be disquieting."

"Disquieting how...." Adam asked before Lisa just shook her head.

"Just go with it babe." She said approaching their ride, "What do we need to do?"

"Stand there, wait and follow me." Chang replied as he coated them all in brilliant light and then walked into the open coat of the rider. Well, come on, we got wounded."

That was all Lisa needed and she dove in, soon all of them were in the dark void and walking out into the main quarters of the house. Adrienne was down in the couch, Dria was passed out and Victor was down, but looked too more exhausted than anything else.

The nurturing mother in her took over and she took care of the downed team members.
Published: 3/1/2012
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