War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 24

Couples get closer and richer.
They're a couple?

A few days had passed at base. Everyone was settling in somewhat after the events of the previous days. Some of the events were expected but others were less so. On the latter was the way Victor of all people seemed to hassle Lisa about the condition of Adrienne. If ever there was a pairing that would never work, it was them. From the get-go they were at each other's throats, now it seemed that not only were they able to be in the same room, but they wanted to be almost sharing the same space.

The expected was the constant teasing of both Chang and the dark rider about their little show. As it was they were there and had doubts that it would work but now it had gone viral on the net and everyone that wanted to see it could. Unfortunately that included Steve. When they relayed in very basic detail what they did anticipating the records and memories of it being erased. That should have been the end of it they had hoped, but the child had different ideas. In his terms 'the divine one had a sense of humor and he loved that little trick' so it remained. The surfer never lost a chance to work in wings of death, or by the hands of hope in to the conversation.

Adam had accepted that his wife was in nursemaid mode now. He made himself busy with Dria working on the day-to-day stuff like meal plans. They were making it work bit by bit. Amanda interestingly enough was beginning to help with actual house cleaning. She always had people doing that for her, thanks to her dad. For one of the few times in her life, she was actually feeling more complete than she ever had. Something about doing things outside business for herself woke up a part of her that was always blocked off. If daddy saw her now he would disown her the same way he had done to Steve all those years ago.

When Victor wasn't training he spent every second sitting outside Adrienne's room where Lisa was making regular visits. She was getting better from the expenditure of energy that she had released slowly. Victor alone required a couple of days to get back to full strength but he did it faster. The likely explanation came from Chang.

"Her energies are that of the arcane and yours of the physical. Physical recovers faster than mystical. Dria may be the only point of reference but even she took three days to recover fully." The light bringer had said. "Dria is all but recovered. At least enough to function. Adrienne is on her way but not there yet. Give it time my friend." The big guy wasn't exactly sure why he cared but he did for some reason. He was trying to figure it out in his limited way. Usually he saw things rather clearly since his mind was rarely cluttered by a bunch of useless information, but everything with her was confusing. By all logic they should be oil and water. Everything she stood for was contrary to him. She spent money like it was nothing on her own pleasures, where every cent he made went to others without their request at times.

Adrienne was having fevered dreams of what her foremother had done and caused. The only rock she found was Victor. The rider was all that she feared and even after a few weeks together in close quarters he still, gave her the creeps. Steve was a little too obnoxious, Chang too bookish, Adam was always sizing people up, the women seemed okay though for short bursts. What was it about Victor though? They had nothing in common, if anything they were polar opposites in almost every way. Still when she woke up from a long coma like sleep the first person she wanted to see was him. Lisa was glad to oblige since all she had to do was poke her head out the door.

"She's asking for you big guy. Be nice. Argue and I fry both of you." Lisa said with a wink, holding the door open.

Sitting up in the bed Adrienne tried to fix herself up as much as possible. She still wasn't sure what was possessing her to see or even speak to Victor, but when she couldn't escape the feeling of it she decided to face it head on.

Vic wasn't sure what to expect but she wanted to see him and some part of him wanted to see her. Yes, this was going to be an adventure. He slowly entered the room and sat down away from the bed. The chair creaked under his weight since it wasn't his room.

"You asked to see me. What's going on, oh and good to see you awake?"

Hearing the creaking Adrienne winced. "Thank you." She replied evenly as she watched him. Pulling up her legs to her chest she motioned to the bottom of the bed. "The bed might support you better." After that Adrienne grew quiet. It was all a bunch of mumbled confusion. This odd attraction towards him, why she had drained herself to feed him, even the whole kissing thing with Dria. "I...I..." She started and then stopped, shaking her head. "You know I don't know why I did it. Draining myself like that for you."

"Yes, was wondering that myself. One thing to do it for the mission but you seemed to go beyond that." Vic replied looking around. He wasn't sure that sitting on the bed would be a good idea. "So we won. You helped a lot."

That was all he had. They won, she helped a lot. Great, just great. "That's it? I helped a lot. I helped a lot." Glaring at him for a moment she knew this was quickly becoming a bad idea. "Maybe we should just leave it at that. I helped a lot. Drain myself near to dead. Just... Just get out." She huffed and closed her eyes.

Vic was in an area that he hadn't really explored before. The big guy had no idea what to say at this point but he had to try something.

"Look, you never liked me and believe me the feeling is the same, but you did something beyond the call of duty. I'm not a genius like Chang, but I can see you had some reason to drain yourself like that. If not the job what was it?"

He was right. She didn't like him or at least that was what she was telling herself. "Look you are right. I don't like you. I find you terribly annoying but there is... it's weird Victor but I did not want to see you hurt. I knew if I gave you my power we could defeat them. I have never given that much of myself. Not ever. Certainly not to guys like you. But... you are different and I don't know what it is."

It was scary how much they were matching each other. He was feeling the same things but couldn't say why.

"Yeah, feeling the same thing. So, what do we do about it. We both know when this over anything we may have would likely end with it. What I do know is the person that first showed here wouldn't do what you did in Baltimore. Maybe were seeing the world in a new way."

"I don't know. Maybe just ride it out until the end. After that if it goes away then we will know. If it doesn't then we will need to have another talk." She reasoned out, at least for now that sounded a solid plan for her. "Unless you have a better idea."

"Not the idea guy. That's for the thinkers. I'm just muscle. Little more than a cog. I get pointed in the right direction and launch. Whatever is happening maybe we should explore it." Vic replied as he got up and took a step to the bed. "Maybe we have something, maybe not. You need rest still and we're both confused about this. Maybe talking latter would be a better Idea."

The only steps he took were toward the bed before looking at the door.

"Maybe... though I think after what happened I should see if I can't get myself into better physical shape. This way I won't have to be carried off every time I use whatever it is I have." She stated, "Training might help... you could help with that couldn't you?"

"That I can do if you don't mind learning a brawling style. Right now you should rest though. The gym can wait till you're healed a bit more. Perhaps you have a spell in that book that will allow you take that energy and make it into physical strength. That I can teach you."

He looked back to her before even thinking of moving again.

"So, are we done talking or is there more to talk about?"

She wanted to say more but instead she just nodded. "We're done. For now. Maybe more talking later. Right now some food would be good. Can you send Lisa back with something."

"Kay, not that you would need anything but on the off-chance that you may, I'm next door. Can't miss me. Knock on the wall."

With that Vic left and sent in Lisa with some food.

"Shocked you didn't kill each other or at least try to." Lisa joked as she set the tray down. It had a rather good meal of steak potatoes and string beans with gravy and pie for desert. "My husband and Dria have learned to run that kitchen almost as good as I can." She smiled just before leaving.

Else where Adam counted the money he won off Steve and Chang who bet they were going to have to break up a fight. "Told you guys, just like Lisa and I, when we started off."

Lisa came up behind them and took the money from Adam. "Never bet against the cop guys. My man sees everything." She said before stuffing the money in her pocket and cleaning the kitchen.
Published: 6/11/2012
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