War of the Chaos Beast: Chapter 7

Team work time, but hey at least their not tripping over themselves, still.
Chapter 7 - The Gathering

Adrianna was in line with the threat. Lisa seemed to accept that he knew more than they did about the creatures that they faced. Victor just wanted to punch some thing. Steve was resisting but also knew that in reality they really had no time to fight. Chang decided to use this time as non scientific test.

"It's different magic. We have to take out the leaders but to do that they need to be disrupted. You two work together," he ordered pointing to Lisa and Steve, "Then you two, Chang with me."

Steve just looked at his partner with appreciation. He would have made a comment but Lisa knew that look and cut him off at the pass.

"Married and you're not my type."

Adrianna was disgusted at having to work with Victor. She saw nothing but a thug and a brute and Victor just saw a spoiled little rich girl. He hated her already.

Chang was the only one really looking at it objectively.
"Your obvious experience if our best hope dark one, what must be done?"

"Siren that song you have been humming do it now." The rider ordered no one in particular. Dria heard him and somehow felt it to be the right thing to do so she shifted without hesitation. The results were immediate. The gathered hunters seemed to loose concentration and the zombies slowed.

"Focus on the hunters!"

Dria followed the instructions. The energies that created the spiritual bonds of the hunters were disrupted breaking their control on the zombies who seemed to have no will of their own. With them weakened the rider pointed to the surfer and model. "You two combine your abilities from the air, sweep as many of the zombies out of the way as possible. Sorceress pour all your energy in to the strong man, Strong man you clear a path to the hunters, Chang drop some of your light in to my shot guns. This is the best chance we got."

Lisa was less than thrilled with being ordered around but the commands made sense. This surfer seemed to have some sort of control over water and the earth so she had to trust that he had the right frame of mind. Still, how to combine their powers seemed to escape her. Steve was panicking. He had never been without the earth under his feet unless he was driving or riding a wave.

"Look babe You're hot and all that, love your calendars, but I don't fly!" He shrieked.

"I do. Call me babe once more and you're not flying either. I got an idea. Shake the ground under them and send that water in their direction." Steve was still not sure about this but since he wanted to land the easy way, The earth under the zombies feet shook just enough to knock them off balance and then the water flew at them almost as if directed by a hose. Now it was Lisa's turn. From the other side the familiar wall of super heated wind slammed in to them.

"Good!" The rider Called out, "Hold it for a few more seconds, sorceress, strong man go. You can get through all that with her help."

"Better be good about this, Adrienne. Yes I know you and I hate spoiled little rich girls." Victor said with no attempt to hide his hide his animosity.

("Lucky he's here you arrogant oaf.") She muttered before sending all her magical energy in to the giant man. Victor took off in to the mass zombie mass sweeping them aside tossing the poor beings either through a wall of super heated wind or intensely high pressure water.

"Clear the field, our turn. Chang focus your light in to my guns."

"I believe I know what you're thinking dark one and it is a good plan."Chang replied sending some of his light in to the riders guns,"Light of life and darkness of death. These creatures seem to have both."

"You always were too smart for you're own good."

With that the rider fired off several rounds in rapid succession actually killing whatever zombies it touched but stopping in the hunters. A roar of rage was heard from the darkened sky and then it went clear leaving only the mid morning sun in the sky. The zombies and hunters faded out of the places they occupied to go who knows where.

A few students were around and gathered to their position. This was accompanied with the sounds of distant sirens.

"We have to get out of here." The rider muttered to himself. Almost as if on cue the young boy appeared before them with Dria.

"Agreed rider. Come with me All of you. That includes you Miss Leveque."

"Yeah we need to talk." The rider said as he followed the boy through a door that was created in the wall. Dria was next, following the rider and child. Chang was intrigued and followed if only for the experience of walking through such a door. Lisa felt strangely at peace with the child but knew Adrienne and couldn't stand her. That could be dealt with latter though. It was bad enough that Steve followed her asking questions about when she was posing for another spread but dealing with that bitch would not be fun.

The French girl though of how to use her magic to get back home when she saw the world going dark. The only source of light came from the door and she bolted hard for it.

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Published: 9/23/2011
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