War Poems

Be it the Vietnam war, the French or the Korean, all the military service men and women have hearts which do beat for their loved ones back home. This page has a listing of some war poems that are probably written on and in time of war.
Comfort Letters
How can peace be gained when you only appease one side?
Tell Me Again
A question to our glorious government.
The Poppy
Why has a symbol of peace become such a war cry?
Civilians in War
Perspective: The one that becomes lost in the sea of a thousand of words in the media. We barely hear what goes on in the minds of those who are neutral, civilian, caught in between the mayhem of a war started by others. While...
My Thoughts on War
This is more of a thought, please feel free to read.
Victim of the Apocalypse
In the wake of today's events in Brussels, this poem is dedicated to all the innocent victims of a war which seems to be ever increasingly beyond our control.
Wars That Cannot Be Won
We are living in dangerous times.
Landmine Blast
About one-half hour ago, I heard and felt an old landmine combust. About four to six buried landmine bombs exploded in the city of Fredrickson Pierce County Washington.
A Lesson To Us All
Oskar Groening has been convicted. I can only hope that the lesson can be learned by us all.
Man and War
The connection between man and war.
A Soldier's Lament
Ghostly thoughts from a battlefield.
A God That You Will Never Know
The futility of war.
The Battle of Eureka
The poem is about Australia's Eureka Stockade.
Invoking Salad Days...
A poem narrating the condition of India before independence and the struggle by revolutionaries, in order to get freedom from Britishers.
The Soldier
Well, I tried to rhyme and this came out...
Oh, When Will I See Home? Oh, When Will I See Green?
Hey! This is Rosemary Pumpkin. Just a little poem I wrote for school. I suck at poetry so don't mind me if this poem sucks.
Playing in the Sandbox
Just a poem about a soldier. I hope you'll enjoy.
The Fate Of Sir Henry de Bohun
A little bit of history from the Scottish wars of independence.
Fallen Souls
The war took their lives and gave us ours.
Nuclear Winter
In the wake of a war's final "solution".
Broken Dream
Is progress really the best way forward? Or have we forgotten the simple things in life? A war against the planet.
The disturbance of peace will bring nothing but sorrow and pain to the innocents.
The Girl Who Waits Alone
A soldiers yearning to be back home.
This poem is about the seventeen civilians recently killed in Afghanistan.
Reason of the Poppy
Mine and my sister, Becky Mullin's Poem (Mostly mine).
The Guillotine - Part II
This is a poem about revolutionaries sacrificing their life for freedom.
The Guillotine
This is a poem about revolutionaries sacrificing their life for freedom.
The Art of War
Another war and peace poem. JOHN.
Win / Defeat:
Win / Defeat. Which is more glorious ?
Soldier Letter
It is poem about a soldier writing a letter to his wife.
The Night You Enlisted
Alcohol can make us do strange things by giving us a false sense of security. An anti war poem.
Fallen One
This is about death on the battlefield and how it can traumatize a soldier to see his/her mate lying there, still as anything.......................A must read!
Remembering the War
One for the Vietnam veterans!
Wars.. and what it does to people.
Eighteen Years
It's about a soldier who cannot take the memories of what has happened.
Unknown Soldier
On the 11th November, 1918, at 11 am. the first world war eventually came to an end. Millions had died and suffered in the trenches, and many of the bodies were unidentified. This war to end all wars obviously did not achieve it's...
Battle Dress
THE WARS NEVER STOP! WHY? Why can't people Understand, That World Peace must expand;
Is Death a Fact of War!
Is Death a Fact of War! or only a dream left my your killers.
Alone Waiting to Die!
A Soldier waiting on a battlefield to die while he or she thinks about there life back home.
The Result of War
How I feel about the war.
Cry of a Dead Soldier
Just a random poem..
War Zombies
What happens to the soldiers AFTER the war?
I was a Soldier
This is all about what soldier faces after he is back from the battlefield realizing later was it wise what he did .......This is not the poem pls see it below hahahha. Dedicated to all Martyrs who gave life at Iraq and Afghanistan...
Gray Heaven
These little girls are soldiers, they left me behind.
I'm a Soldier
I'm a Soldier.
Stand Still
Please comment.. it's about someone forced to join the war in ww2.
How Brutal Can War Be....
My view on war hope u guys can enjoy it. Thnx 4 reading...
Soldiers and Saviors
The inspiration for this poem: Valkyrie (movie), Ben Stiller, Anne Frank, Schindler, and survivors.
Soldiers Who Fought For Us
As poem about soldiers.
Start of a War
Life of a soldier in the Vietnam War...Wrote this poem for a project in history; hope you people comment on it! :D
For Gaza
When I saw the violence in Gaza the words just came out...
Soldier on a Doorstep
To honor those fighting for our country, our people, and our freedom.
Mama Told Me To Be A Man
Becoming of age...
War With Evil
Spiritual battles...
Oh my God, please stop war in this world.......
Oh my God, please stop war in this world...