Warm Bones

Warms bones harbor fleeting flesh.
Warm Bones,
Body heat,
Shared in warm passion,
In the early hours of the morning.

Soft touches,
Explore familiar land,
Caressing fingertips,
Adventure to stolen territory.

Small smiles,
Disregard time slipping away,
Giggles rise,
Like the unforgotten sun filtering,
Through the window.

Warm skin,
Turns cold by the sun’s unforgiving rays,
Sympathetic lips,
Utter an apologetic, "I love you".

Flesh burns,
Off muscles and bones,
Bones bleach,
As soft dust erupts.

And as the unknowing sun,
Rises in the east,
He turns to a clump,
Of aching, warm bones,
That she returns to a closet,
With hopeful tear that one day,
She can break the curse that,
Haunts the both of them.
Published: 2/5/2013
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