Wars That Cannot Be Won

We are living in dangerous times.
What happened to all those fires that roared,
While the battles raged?
And of all those guys who gave up their lives,
Could they have been saved?
They were doing their duty, fighting for country,
Religion and creed,
But what good are medals pinned to the lapels,
Of those already dead?

I see limbless men forming in line,
For a hot bowl of soup,
The Army's canteen is full of those deemed,
Expendable troops,
Their sacrifice justified by the thanks,
Of uncaring Warlords,
And still the recruits line up to shoot,
In the name of their Gods.

Where goes the peace pledge as it sits on the edge,
Of a third World War?
Can we idly watch as men, women and children,
Are put to the sword?
And what of the leaders who hide in their bunkers,
As the rest of us perish?
Do we hail them as heroes, Herods and Neros,
And kowtow to their wish?

I don't know about you, but I cannot excuse,
The World's warmongers,
I'm sick of the pain, the blood shed in vain,
For the flags we lie under,
And I fear for the children whose nation's call them,
To pick up the gun,
And pray to their Lords' as they march off to wars,
That cannot be won!
Published: 3/3/2016
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