Warts On Feet

Warts on the feet is a sign of viral infection, which you may have picked up simply because of swimming in a pool. The following iBuzzle article deals with the causes and treatment of the same.
Warts in general, are caused by the viruses that are bunched under the human papillomavirus family, which is also referred to by its short form, HPV. There are at least 100 different viruses grouped under this family. HPV find warm and moist conditions conducive for their proliferation. Most of the time, they are present on our skin. They appear like blisters on the surface of the skin. They are fed by the tiny blood vessels, which appear as a tiny black dot inside the body. Different types of warts caused by the HPV may affect you in different parts of the body, such as, the knees, elbows, anus, genital organs, etc. Your predicament is not rare, because at least 9 millions Americans contract them in a year.

Are Warts Contagious

The HPV are commonly found in the swimming pool, where you are at the risk of getting infected, because these viruses can transmit through water. An HPV named verruca pedis is responsible for plantar warts. The term plantar is used to signify the bottom of the foot. Another likely place, where this virus has the chance of attacking you is the public changing place at the pool. The wet flooring of these rooms accepts and retains verruca pedis virus from someone who has plantar warts on one's feet. The same wet flooring acts as the hunting ground for the verruca pedis. Especially, if you have scratches, bruises or an open wound on either of the feet, which acts as portals for these virus and walk barefooted in the changing room, then you increase the chances of contracting these diseases. Are feet warts contagious? Yes, they are. Along with transmitting through water, these viruses can infect you on handling the things, such as towel, shoes or socks, etc. used by an infected person. Warts on one's feet and hands are troublesome because during daily activities, they come in contact with the rest of the objects and cause pain.

Treatment for Feet Warts

Warts are benign tumors and the ones on the feet are circular in shape and because of the body weight brought on to them while walking or standing, they are pressed in and this causes the pain. Sometimes, the ones on your foot occur in clusters or groups which are called mosaic warts. If you are having problem with them, then you must think about their removal. Because, if they are left alone, they can spread to different parts of body through auto inoculation. This may happen, when you scratch a body part after scratching one on your foot. In the worst case scenario, you may be responsible for spreading them to the other member of the family.

Treatment Using Chemicals
You can consult your podiatrist or dermatologist in removing them. Depending on the situation, your doctor may advice you to go for treatment involving keratolytic chemicals. This treatment include daily application of salicylic acid or trichloroacetic acid, on the wart which may successfully remove the dead skin covering their innards. These chemicals prescribed by the doctor may be stronger than those available as OTC products and need to be used carefully so that the skin surrounding the wart is not disturbed.

Other Treatments
The other treatments are immunotherapy or chemotherapy. During immunotherapy treatment, antigens are injected under the surface of the skin. This stimulates the immune system which tries to clear the virus infection, causing warts on the war path basis. This also helps in getting rid of the common warts. Chemotherapy, cryosurgery and laser surgery can also be considered to treat them.

Those on feet, along with the common warts, can affect people of all ages. However, they are most commonly seen in children and that is why they need to be treated as soon as possible.
By Shrinivas Kanade
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