Washed Away

In a relationship that has come to an end and realization of the purpose of me being in it.
What we had was experience.
I realize that I was called to go through this.
I tried to tell myself that you are what I missed.
But, I was lying to myself because I thought I had to settle,
It was like I had no other choice;

Washed away in the drama, confusion and pain.
I knew all along that you weren't meant for me.
I just kept telling myself that we're going to make this work,
Forgiving you over and over again,
Being constantly deceived by your decision;

You had me wrapped up in your plan, caught up in your lies,
I was washed away in the idea of losing
And I held on to all you alibi's.
My choice to be with you was out of selfishness, vengeance, lust and pride.
I thought if I chose to be with you, I'll have a place to run and hide
From the fact that I kept living a lie.

Yet, God had a plan for He knew that I would be disobedient.
He loved me still, forgave me and blessed me with two wonderful children.
Now I'm trying to give you another chance so that you can realize
What I realized for me: that what we had was only for a season.
We were never meant to be.
God used you just like He used me.
In the end He's still going to get all the glory and
Allow our souls, as well as, our hearts to be free.
Published: 12/23/2010
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