Watch Me Watching You

A wee touch of horror to entertain.
If I hide your shoes and hid your coat,
Would you stick around a while and talk?
Do you feel ill at ease, does my stare scare you,
As you watch me watching you like a hawk?

Do you think I'm a threat, think I'd harm you?
Do you worry about what I'd get up to?
Then why not, for a moment, let down your guard,
And let me show you.

You can't trust me so I won't trust you,
So you'll just have to guess my intentions,
Now please don't you cry and don't you dare scream,
It attracts the wrong kind of attention.

If I dig a hole to put you in,
Do you think anyone will notice you've gone?
If I plant flowers on your shallow grave,
Will anybody care where the flowers came from?

Published: 3/16/2020
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