Watching The World Go By

Reminiscing old friends and loves.
Sat here watching the world go by,
I never thought it would leave me behind,
But here I am chasing after ghosts,
Trying to catch up on old news, I suppose.

Many old friends have come and gone,
Some without my ever even knowing,
Some have gone away to pastures new,
And I've managed to catch up on a few.

Sometimes it's too easy to lose touch,
Sometimes we're left to reminisce too much,
It's good to hold memories that are dear to us,
But I'd rather have you here by my side, my love.

We're still together yet I feel that we're drifting,
Or perhaps it's the world that is faster shifting,
Perhaps getting older has left us behind,
Or maybe we're just in different frames of mind?

I get tired quicker as the years roll by,
As I watch some around me preparing to die.
I look back with fondness on those memories shared,
Safely tucked in the past, no longer bared.

Perhaps I have mellowed over the ages,
Have righted the wrongs in my diary's pages,
Or maybe I've just cried too many tears,
To dwell on the heartache of our living years.

So come, sit here with me and reminisce,
About old times and old friends that we miss,
And we can hold hands and feel justified,
Just sitting here watching the world go by.
Published: 7/15/2016
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