Water Facts

Water - something you have never wondered about…read some interesting facts about water…
Water comprises nearly 70% of the Earth’s surface and also makes up approximately 70% of our body composition. Interesting? Well here are some more interesting Water facts sure to take you by surprise:

  • Did you know that you could get drunk on water? Well, drinking too much water causes the sodium levels in the bloodstream to dilute causing imbalance of water in your brain. This is called ‘water intoxication’.
  • Water can dissolve the most number of substances in it.
  • Did you know that the water in your tap is very, very ancient? So ancient that it’s been around since the Earth was formed? Well, the Earth is what is commonly referred to as ‘a closed system’. So the same amount of water has been moving around in what is called the ‘water cycle’. In short, the water you drink has been around since the birth of the Earth.
  • Water is the only substance on earth that is naturally found in all its three states: solid (ice), liquid (water) and gas (steam or vapor).
  • Wonder why ice floats on water? That is because ice is about 9% lighter than water.
  • Did you know the percentage of water in your brains or bones? Well, 75% of your brain and 25% of your bones are made up of water.
  • Now here is a good reason for closing or repairing that dripping faucet – a drip from a leaky faucet is like wasting almost 75 liters of water every single day!
  • Did you know that a human being can go without food for a month, but he can go without water for only one week?
  • A normal human being must have 2 liters of water each day (which translates to about 75000 liters of water in their entire life). Despite this, nearly 2 million plus people on the planet do not have access to safe drinking water.
  • Once you drink water, it leaves your stomach in about 5 minutes!
  • There are about 70000 known water contaminants.
  • Wonder how much water is needed to process the most common of our foods and drinks? Well, for a barrel of beer it is about 5700 liters; for one chicken it is 44 liters; a barrel of crude oil needs 7000 liters of water to refine it; and about 35 liters of water are used to process a can of vegetables or fruits.
By Madhavi Ghare
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