This is just for kids. Enjoy.

It can be a drop
It can be a splash
You can drink it
But, remove first the salt

It can be cool, Antarctica!
It can be warm, Japan!
It can be wonderful, Philippines!
It can be pure, Mother Earth!

Cool=Negative Degrees
Warm=Hot Springs
Wonderful=Maria Christina Falls
Pure=Drinking Water

Rivers can be shallow
Ponds are the school of fish
Seas are full of Tilapia
Waterfalls for tourists

Water can be useful to man
Drink, wash, bath
But, can drown man as well
Flood, typhoon, tropical storms

It can be rain,
It can be a natural disaster
It can be from underground
Or, from the faucet
Several things always stay right
It’s wet, slippery and comforting
Published: 7/8/2010
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