Ways to Get Pregnant Fast

If you are looking for ways to get pregnant fast, continue reading below. This article will provide some useful tips for those of you who are looking at becoming parents soon.
After taking the decision of starting a family, a couple can't wait to get the good news soon. Most of the time, they accelerate the process of getting pregnant and this means that they end up having sex a lot of times. However, only increasing sex is not enough to get pregnant faster. There are several ways of conceiving. This article provides a list of ways to get pregnant fast for those of you who ask how to get pregnant fast. Continue reading below to know these easiest ways to get pregnant fast.

Different Ways to Get Pregnant Faster

There are several tips on getting pregnant fast. Follow these tips while trying to conceive a baby for better success rate. Before starting off, the first thing that the woman should do is stop taking the birth control pills. These pills should be stopped at least 2 weeks prior to the period of conceiving. Let us now look at the various ways to get pregnant fast.

Medical Checkup
Get a thorough health checkup done from your doctor. Poor health and infections that are untreated may hinder your pregnancy. A thorough medical check up also ensures that your body is in pristine condition and ready for conceiving a baby. A preconception check up eliminates any gynecological problems that you might have. Asking the doctor for prenatal medications is also one of the ways to get pregnant faster.

Sexual Position
Sexual position plays a vital role in pregnancy. The best sex position is the one that will ensure that the sperm penetrates deep into the vagina. Having sex in the missionary position, the one with the man on the top, is one of the easiest ways to get pregnant fast. When the woman is on top, there are chances that the sperm will leak due to the gravity, hence this position should be avoided while trying to get pregnant. Immediately getting up after sex also hampers the chances of getting pregnant. It is essential to relax and let the sperm stay in the vagina in order to become pregnant. Experts say that any position in which the woman experiences orgasm is the best position to get pregnant as the orgasm spasmic movements help the uterus to pull the sperm better.

Ovulation Check
As you know, you conceive when you are ovulating. This is the fertile time and having sex during this time increases the chances of pregnancy. In order to take up this opportunity, it is necessary to know when you are ovulating. Ovulation determines when can you get pregnant. But, how to know when you are ovulating? In case you have a regular period cycle, the calculation is fairly simple. The ovulation period begins 14 days after the first day of your period. If you are unsure, you could always use an ovulation kit to determine the fertility period. In order to be absolutely sure about the ovulation period, do not rely on the calendar or on the fertility chart. Using an ovulation kit ensures safety and is one of the ways to get pregnant fast.

Health Issues
If you want to know how to get pregnant faster, remember that caffeine, smoking and alcohol consumption needs to be completely stopped while trying to get pregnant. Caffeine restricts the blood flow to the uterus and this limits the chances of the woman getting pregnant hence, if you need to have coffee, it is better to switch to decaf. Drugs, of any kind, should be completely off the list. Avoid using vaginal sprays as they disrupt the pH balance of the vagina which is not good if you want to conceive. Also, using of scented tampons should be avoided for the same reason. Stress and pressure lowers the chances of pregnancy. De-stressing with a massage or just relaxing and not thinking of stressful topics helps a lot. If you face pressures in your job, quit it or change your job. You could also consider a change in the career path if your current career requires you to work in a stressful environment with difficult deadlines. Having a balanced diet according to the doctor's orders, is one of the natural ways to get pregnant fast.

Experts believe that these ways to get pregnant fast help majority of the women to become pregnant in the first 6 months of trying. There are others who take up to a year to conceive. There are certain signs that you are pregnant that you will need to know about. Hope this article has been useful to you. Don't worry and be ready to welcome the stork at your house soon. All the best!
By Deeptee A
Last Updated: 10/3/2011
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