Ways to Know If a Guy Likes You

It can get pretty confusing, this whole game of knowing-not knowing whether a guy likes you or not. It's at a perfect time that this article come your way then, 'coz it promises to provide you with some ways to know if a guy likes you or what...
Did he just look my way and smile?..Maybe he was looking at someone over my shoulder.

Wait, was that a flicker of recognition on his face?...Or maybe it was meant for someone else.

Aargh!! It can get so,so horrible. When you have a crush on someone and you start viewing them differently. Then everything that they do, or don't do, starts to seem like it's a signal..or not a signal, effectively so. And I'll tell you what, no matter what age you're at, this confusion of 'is it-is it not' will still make way. Maybe briefly for some, for some prolonged, but it will still make way. But there is some respite here 'coz as you start getting older, you will learn to recognize some of the ways to know if a guy likes you or not. And instinctively at that. But until then, what are we going to do about the confusion that has taken permanent residence in our hearts about whether he likes you more than a friend or is he always like this with everyone? Let's help you out woman. Let's help you out with some of the ways to know if a boy likes you.

Signs and Ways to Know if a Guy Likes You

I'll make it all very simple for you - think about yourself and think back to your behavior at the time you've been crushing on someone. Most of those signs are going to be replicated by the guy. Simply speaking. Of course guys can be different in some ways but rest assured, the basic means will remain the same. Now what if you've never paid attention to these signs, ever? How will you know? Just read through the following piece and you'll have your answers.

In the Eyes and the Smile
Don't we instantly know if someone likes us or not? Generally speaking? We know when a person feels happy to see us or there is indifference in their eyes. That is the first sign. So his eyes light up when he sees you? Does he smile a deep smile that reaches his eyes? Does he hold on to your gaze for a long time, and when you look away and back again, is he still looking at you? If it's yes, yes, yes and yes to the above pointers, you have someone who likes you. Especially the holding on to your gaze is a clear give away. Plus a warm smile that (pardon my cliché) warms your heart.

The Body's Saying...
What is the body saying? It's all in the body language girl, it's all in the body language. How do we know what to look at? So there are these non-verbal gestures and signs that he's giving off all the time. And he does not even know that he's doing it. What to look for? Does he lean into you when you speak to him? Are his hands open as opposed to closed (hands folded over the chest is a very aggressive sign)? Has his body turned to face you involuntarily? All these are signs that he likes being with you. Look for more signs like these as well - suppose there's someone else with the two of you, does he block the other person and stand between you guys? Or let's suppose you're sitting at a table opposite each other and there's a glass in between you. Does he place the glass aside? That is a way of showing that he does not want anything to come between the two of you. How to tell if he likes you? This is a darn good way.

For Closer, For Better
Observe for this the next time over - does it seem like he's always around? Like no matter where you go, he seems to be there. He's probably doing that involuntarily. The thing is he wants to be in your periphery of vision at all times so that you don't forget him or are reminded of him at all times. This is just his way of ensuring that.

All Ears
When you'll speak, how does he react? Is he all ears to what you're saying? Does he ask a lot of questions to get to know you better? When you're in a group and there's an ongoing discussion, does he try and include you in the discussion as well? Then that's probably a great sign. When you like someone, you want to know everything about them, you want them to feel good and respected. This makes through in the way they try to give you importance in their life.

Long Calls
When you'll talk, does it seem like the calls go on and on? That's 'coz he wants to talk to you and find out more bout you. Maybe even calls that are about frivolous things that need not be called for? Or when you meet, does he prolong the meeting as much as possible?

What are His Friends Saying
One of the best ways to know if a guy likes you? Watch his friends. Have they suddenly gotten to be more open with you? Have any of them come and spoken to you? Does it seem like their eyes are boring into you when you walk the corridor? You know how it goes, right? He'll tell his friends if he has a crush on you and all this is what will follow.

Helping Hand
Is he always willing to help you? At the cost of his work as well? It means that he can't see you in pain and wants to make sure that you're OK. So he'll willingly spend time to help you out. Plus he gets the time to spend with you. Win-win.

Of the Flirting and the Jealousy
Of the several ways to know if a guy likes you there isn't one that is probably any more clearer than this one. Has he started getting into puns and double meaning references? He's just trying to test how comfortable you are with the whole deal. Also, notice if he doesn't seem pleased (not at all, in fact) when you mention other guys. Flirting and jealousy on the scene, and you can be sure that he's hooked.

All you have to do now is think back to your interactions with him and see if any of these factors have come into the picture. And if they have, you know what it means. Are you happy, happy, happy? I think you are.
By Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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