Ways to Make Quick Money for Kids

As a parent, it is very satisfying to see your kid tending to his pocket money and small financial needs on his own. However, it is important that you guide them to find the right job opportunities when in sight. The following article will tell you about some ways to make quick money for kids.
All of us basically want the same things: opportunity for our children, and prosperity for our families and communities.
- Christine Gregoire
True as Gregoire is, this thirst for opportunities for our children does not necessarily stem from financial constraints. But rather from the understanding that working will not only help our children to earn a quick buck but also make them proud, mature and hardworking individuals. Thankfully, opportunities to make quick money for kids are in plain sight. A child does not need to go out of his way, stress himself out or skip essential academic and extra-curricular activities while exploring these easy ways to make quick money for kids.

However, before you initiate your kid to any money-making idea at all, here are some basic tips for you to definitely keep in mind.
  1. Observe what your kid enjoys doing. This will help you to draw up a list of things that he could take up as a part-time job. For instance, if your kid's majorly into writing, advise him to take up freelance writing. She will do it with much more interest and sincerity.
  2. Related to the first tip, some ways for kids to make money may add to their future job credentials. Reference letters and certificates from employers of your kids can help them get good jobs as well.
  3. There are certain vocational courses available nowadays that focus on training kids for jobs which help make quick money. Like the Red Cross has courses for babysitters for children of 11 to 15 years. Your child can definitely make more money for a babysitting session if he has attended a course like this.
  4. DO NOT let your child start work anywhere before gathering sufficient information about that place. Unfrequented neighborhoods should be avoided. Make sure that you always know where or with whom your child is working.
  5. Ways to make quick money for kids also include yard sales, bake sale, lemonade and cookie sales. In case your child chooses to sell something, do not encourage him to quote a price too high. Not only is it unethical but it might also make him greedy.
With these basics in place, you can proceed to finding newer ways to make quick money for kids.

How to Make Quick Money for Kids
Here are some easy and constructive ways in which your kid could make quick money.
  • Go the 'Crafty' Way: If your kid is good at making things, then you can advise her to make greeting cards and sell them. She can also make personalized cards for people to earn that extra buck. Also, some kids are good at wrapping gifts in unique ways. If your kid is adept at the art of gift wrapping, then spread the word and you shall see the gifts pouring in along with fast cash of course!
  • Seasonal Decorations are a Rage: If your child has a neat streak for doing things then she can also make seasonal decorations and sell them at a price cheaper than the market price. For example, he can make Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, snowflake whirls for Christmas decorations or big and trendy 'Happy Thanksgiving' signs.
  • De-clutter the House: Trust me, your child will clean the house in a jiffy! Just allow him to hold a yard sale and sell of all the old, unwanted stuff. Clean the house and get money too. Cool eh!
  • Sharpen the Basics: Well here's a super way to help your child to earn some green paper and revise his academic basics as well. See if your kid is good at Maths or English Grammar and then encourage him to teach it to a neighborhood kid. He can always charge per session. Also, being able to teach someone gives a whole lot of self-satisfaction.
  • The Books Galore: If you feel that books are a person's best friend just like I do, then think about this. Get your kid to work in a local bookstore. With books all around, he is bound to get tempted and read up at least a few. Of course, money will come in, too.
  • Thou Shalt Aid the Downtrodden: Get your kid to work for an N.G.O. Check if they pay a stipend of course. Besides the money factor, you child will learn some basic human values. Besides, such activities count as community service later on.
  • The Keyboard is Mightier than the Sword: If your kid is the web world kind and also loves to express his thoughts then developing content for the internet is a very viable option. Companies pay very well to freelance writers today and guess what? Your kid doesn't have to leave home at all.
  • Mow, Mow, Mow the Lawn, Gently Down the Street!: Check if your kid has green fingers. Well, for mowing about half an acre, your kid can earn up to 30 dollars. Since commercial yard services charge up to a hundred dollars, locals will prefer your little super gardener.
  • Wash that Grime Away: Your kid can earn up to 5 dollars for washing cars and say 10 for trucks. Since, boys have a fetish for cars, they can learn a few tricks of car maintenance early.
  • Rock-a-by Baby, Humans or Dogs: Caring for someone else teaches a person to be responsible and compassionate. Be it a young baby or someone's pet. True as it is, that your child will earn some money, he will also learn some very important things. As they say, babies and animals have their own ways of teaching!
So, there you go! 10 creative ways to make extra money that will prevent your kid to while his time away. Teach them to work well as a job well done earns future referrals. Also, ask them to be courteous and polite. Finally, after earning all that money train your kid on some financial planning or all his work will go in vain. So go ahead and sow some creative ideas on how to make quick money for kids, and reap more than just money!
By Ankana Dey Choudhury
Last Updated: 10/18/2011
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