Ways to Run Faster

Here are some tips and suggested ways to run faster, that will surely help you achieve your personal best time or even break the record of the fastest runner in your school or college.
Running is the most basic form of any kind of sports and athletics. Running is required for a huge range of sports. In fact, many paleontologists and anthropologists argue that the evolution of the human limbs occurred as a result of the sustained running and jogging. This fact is however pretty debatable and very less proof has been found by both the parties, the ones that insist upon this theory and also the ones who oppose it. These matters apart, there are many advantages of running and further more, there are also many advantages of running faster.

Let's list down some of the genuine advantages of running faster.
  • Increasing stamina
  • Development of killer instinct
  • Development of cardiac muscles
  • Reduction of body fat
  • Reduction excess levels of sugar in the body
  • Enhancement of all the systems in the body and the development of immunity
How to Run Faster and Longer

As mentioned above, there are some concrete advantages of running faster and longer time. If you are a sportsman, then there is nothing like running faster for a longer time, as you shall be pushing the capabilities to the best and also giving a 100% performance. There are several tips you can implement when you are on a fitness training or when you go for a morning run. One must also note that these, suggested ways to run faster, need to be executed diligently, with passion and dedication.

Tip #1
The first step that you should implement is preparing yourself mentally. Most of the professional athletes stay silent during their warm ups and mentally prepare themselves during this time. Most of us do a very sincere warm up, sweat it out, but it is never complete as we lack the psychological thought behind the warm up. Mental preparation is very important during the warm up. The best way to prepare yourself during the warm up, is to think and also tell yourself that you are going to run fast today.

Tip #2
Many athletes believe in increasing the length of their strides while running. However, before you actually try this out, have a good warm up and also concentrate on the stretching all the muscles in your body. The basic intention of increasing the length of the stride, is that one should be able to make full use of the length of the leg. The best way to do this is to increase the length of every stride that you take and cover as much distance as possible.

Tip #3
Increasing the frequency of the strides also helps a lot, as the more strides that you take, the greater the distance that you cover.

Tip #4
A very important aspect of running faster is to increase the energy that you apply to run. You can also integrate some very simple principles, such as developing a constant and comfortable breathing.

I would also like to say that you should push yourself to the highest limit, as your body tends to respond to you when you do so. I would like to put forth a statement by legendary athlete Jesse Owens. 'It all goes so fast, and character makes the difference when it's close.'
By Scholasticus K
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