We are Afraid to Lose

For thoes who easily gives up on love. Read Comment if you like, love//Angelica
There is something about the real feeling of love,
It’s so rare to find yet so easy to lose,
Hard to get a grip of it,
It’s like a rain drop balancing on a leaf's edge.

One bad move and the drop will fall to the ground and disappear forever,
Therefore we often give up before even trying,
We are afraid to lose... Afraid to get hurt once again,
But don’t give in.

Love appeared in front of you for a reason,
And there is nothing wrong with believing,
Even though the odds might be against you,
For what can we win if we never try?

Love is precious,
So don’t ever close your eyes,
Just because you’re afraid,
You might regret it one day and by then it will be too late!
Published: 7/20/2011
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