We Need Empathy

A short plea to stay together.
Don't you hear me crying out,
Don't you hear me call your name?
I'm reaching for your sympathy,
To help me ease the pain.

Can't you see me weeping?
Can't you hear the heart that wails?
I'm more vulnerable now, than ever,
As I endure my saddest tale.

Protect me,
Don't reject me,
Put your arms around me,
Bring me sanctuary.

Can you feel the fear I'm suffering,
As I cringe from last night's shadow?
Won't you help me face the future?
Will you lead me through tomorrow?

Can you see the creep of darkness,
As its ghosts procure my mind?
Or are you haunted by the memories,
Of what you may find?

Protect me,
Don't reject me,
Don't lose our love to apathy,
When we need empathy.
Published: 3/4/2015
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