Weave Hairstyles for Kids

Weave hairstyles for kids are very convenient as they are easy to manage and can be changed when the need arises. Here is weaving words to give you details about hairstyles with weaves.
I vividly remember when I was in school, my mom used to tie my hair in two braids. Neat and tidy. My hair never used to get entangled or messy later on and the braids gave my hair a good flow and texture. In fact, braids helped my hair grow faster. My hairy tales apart, weave hairstyles are great for all ages, especially for kids. The reason being the tendency of the hair being messy and exposed usually to a lot of dirt and dust. In such a scenario, if the hair is braided and woven together it keeps the hair secure and prevents it from being all over the place. In case you wanted to know about weave hairstyles for kids, you have come to the right link!

Hairstyles With Weave for Kids

Weave hairstyles are always a good choice when it comes to hair management for kids! Here are few options you can consider.

Style #1
Dreadlocks, very commonly known as lock and dreads is a style which gives hair a matted look. This style helps hair grow naturally, if combing in the outside direction and proper conditioning is done regularly.

Style #2
Most popular and favorite amongst hairstyles for kids with weaves is the Afro - American fashion. Interestingly, the origins of this style date back to Egyptian era. But the problem with this hairstyle is that you need naturally curly hair. This hairstyle is something like a halo or a cloud as it extends out from your head.

Style #3
I am sure you know about cornrows. Cornrows is a hairstyle which has been there for quite some time. This hairstyle though, needs a little bit of care and maintenance. The hair is tied into plaits on a series of locks like French braids, close to the scalp. Whatever cannot be made in plaits is run down the back of the neck. This is a very popular curly weave hairstyle.

Style #4
Here is another weave hairstyle which I think children the world over know of and get their hair used to, especially girls. Yes, the quintessential braid hairstyles or hair braids. A braid is also known as a plait and is a favorite of Afro Americans, after the Afro - American hairstyle. To tie a braid, sections of hair are interlaced together and then tied at the end. Corn rows, French braid, Dutch braid are a few of the braided hairstyles for kids or even otherwise. These are suited for every occasion, be it a formal prom night or a wedding or just a routine day. That is what makes these weave hairstyles for kids really convenient. Although if the plaits are too tight, it can damage the hair, instead of helping it grow. If the braid is not done properly, it can look shabby. So this has to be taken care of when trying out braided hairstyles. If it is just enough tight and is not straining the hair strands, braids give a nice curve and shape to your hair and they can be easily managed.

Then you also have micro braids, which are minuscule braids which are woven with the help of just a few strands of hair. These can be left like that for a good amount of time and are done all over the head. Updo braids is a style where different braids are worked and made into a typical updo hairstyles. The woven hair adds a lovely and intricate touch to the hairstyle.

Weave hairstyles are a good option for kids because they keep the hair secure, even when there are multiple layers. These can also give some soft curls to hair, especially if you braid your hair when it is wet. So you won't need curling irons to get those enviable curls! But you need to have minimum shoulder length or longer hair for braided and weave styles.

Here is where i leave you to experiment with these weave hairstyles! All the best!
By Medha Godbole
Published: 8/10/2010
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