Wedding Blessings

A poem written for a couple who live by the sea and love to travel to exotic places in the world Andrea and Anthony Potter married in Brigthon Town on 31st July 2010.
Sandcastles and Dreams

In Brighton Town in rain and sun
Surfing the waves of knowledge
Learning, growing, having fun
The alchemy of love begun

Traveling the path of life
Hand in hand, together
Facing all that came ahead
Summer days or stormy weather
Jagged rocks were rough to climb
Gentle sands hard to find
Yet you made a harbor there
Sharing Castles in the air

Tides may come and tides may go
Moon and sun control their flow
The dawning of your plans and schemes
Fulfillment of your hopes and dreams

Lift the seashell to your ear
Tell me, tell me what you hear
Lapping waves with foaming crests
On the beaches you’ve loved best
A marriage promise that unfurled
A ring that traveled round the world

Seabirds calling songs of love
Soaring high a pure white dove
Bringing to you joy and peace and
Happiness that will increase

Family and friends here today
Wish you long life and laughter
Now that you become man and wife
Peace joy and a hereafter
May God’s blessing be with you
And your love forever be true
Published: 9/17/2010
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