Wedding Flower Arrangement Ideas

Weddings! I don't really need words to describe the mixed bag of emotions that this event entails. It is, probably the most important day of two people's lives. Let us get into a tiny detail of weddings; the wedding flower arrangement ideas.
Weddings are important, whether you like it or not! So, each and every minute detail of the wedding makes a big difference and has massive implications. All the details of the wedding, in culmination, go about to show what kind of an entertainer you are and consequently what kind of a person you are. Are you getting tensed about your wedding flower arrangements now? Go through these great ideas and make your wedding decoration just like you dreamed it to be!

Using Silk Wedding Flowers
This is really great to give a classy and chic look to your wedding. They give the wedding a classic appeal and somehow, a fluid one as well. These flower arrangements are really lifelike and allow for imagination to be put to use. Whoever said that the flowers need to be the regular colored flowers? You can have flowers in any color that fits your fancy. More so, you can mix them up with real flowers, this way the look will be more authentic and appeal will be more chic. Nonetheless, if you wish to try out a new idea, the chances of it carrying through, is higher with silk flowers.

Arranging Flowers on a Wedding Table
This arrangement needs to be in synchronicity with the general wedding theme. You could go for the 'flowers in a bowl' appeal here. However, you will require a lot of flowers and a big bowl. You could also try having a few hourglass shaped cylinders, and have different flowers in the lower level and different ones in the upper level. This idea is great to keep next to the china, to give it a classy look. You could try having decorative candles in the upper layer and flowers in the lower one, to add a mystic appeal to it. Another idea would be to have a bigger, broader version of the bridal bouquet as a wedding centerpiece. This idea is always a safe bet and it has a clear match!

The most popular color for flowers is chic white. However, red and blue are a safe bet as well. Some brides dare to have black flowers for their wedding. For such an idea to pull off, you need to have a wedding theme that goes with it. You could have black china as well, or you could have black in the invitation and the decoration. Basically, you cannot have only black flowers, so if you plan on having black in your wedding, think it through. Lavender is a pretty choice as well, as it is a divine color and attracts positive energy. Nonetheless, popular or not, the color of your flowers is your choice. Just make sure that it is balanced out appropriately.

This is a general tip, in case you plan on using real flowers in your wedding, make sure that the flowers stays fresh till the end of the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. To that end, the best tip would be to keep them in ice water till they need to be used. This way, they will stay fresh for much longer.

How you go about arranging flowers for your wedding is instrumental in setting the right mood for the wedding. Many brides, these days, prefer not to have flowers at the wedding, and this may be an idea worth trying. But, I suggest that the absence of flowers be balanced out in some way or the other. After all, flowers are the best way to express love. This is where I sign off! Happy arranging!!
By Rashida Khilawala
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