Well, That Happened (3): Beautiful Bella

Meet Bella and her friends.
(Bella is one of the prettiest girls in school with her blonde extensions, baby-blue eyes and a slim figure. Fiona is her friend, who is often seen as Bella's less attractive shadow. Unlike Bella, she has dark-brown hair, brown eyes and she's quite chubby.

They are in the school library. Fiona is talking on the phone. Then she hangs up and cheers.)

Fiona: Guess what! That was Mrs. Oakum and-

Bella: You mean that old bat who still hasn't apologized for letting her stupid poodle crap all over my Louis Vuitton trainers?

Fiona: That was an accident. Besides, it happened two years ago! You should get over it.

Bella: (glares) Why are you talking to my enemy?

Fiona: (rolls her eyes) Well, I've been dog-sitting for her to make some extra cash (smiles) And she saw my artwork the other day, and she was super-impressed! She told me now that she'll pay me to draw her portrait!

Bella: Are you seriously going to do it?

Fiona: Yeah, why not?

Bella: Well, first of all, she has infinite wrinkles, it'll take you forever to deal with that mess. Second, you can barely draw on your eyebrows properly! Isn't this task too big for you?

Fiona: (frowns) Hey, my eyebrows aren't that bad... are they?

Bella: Oh, puh-lease hun. We should throw a funeral for your eyebrows. They're tragic.

Fiona: That's pretty mean...

Bella: It's called honesty.

(Fiona touches her eyebrow self-consciously.)

Bella: I know a place where you can get your eyebrows done. We can get them for a discount. Let's go there after school.


(The girls are walking outside.)

Fiona: I'm nervous. I've never gotten my eyebrows professionally done before.

Bella: Yeah, I can tell.

Fiona: Will it hurt?

(Bella pinches Fiona's arm casually.)

Bella: Does that hurt?

Fiona: Ow! (rubs her arm) What the hell, Bella?

Bella: Seriously, if a little pinch like that hurts you, I wonder how you'll survive getting your eyebrows threaded.

Fiona: Stop scaring me...

Bella: I'm not. It's not my fault you're a scaredy-cat.

(She flicks her long, blonde hair)

Bella: Not everyone is fearless like me, but that's okay.

(Suddenly, a cat runs across her path. Bella jumps and shrieks in surprise.)

Fiona: ... You were saying?


(They arrive at the store, Lux Beauty. One of the workers, Tony, catches Fiona's eyes. He is a middle-aged man with a shaved head and a muscular figure.)

Fiona: (whispers) Oh my gosh, he's a hottie.

Bella: Eww! He's an old man. Don't be so desperate, girl.

Fiona: Didn't you date a 30-year-old man?

Bella: Yeah, but I only did it because he was rich. You seriously think I was into him? (snickering) As soon as I maxed out his credit card, I was outta there.

Fiona: You're so cruel.

Bella: I think the word you're looking for is 'genius'.

Tony: Hey there, Bella. Who's your friend?

Fiona: (shyly) H-hello...

Bella: (gesturing) Fiona, this is Tony. Tony, this is Fiona! (to Tony) For some reason, she thinks you're hot.

Tony: Oh, is that so?

Fiona: (blushing) What! N-no I don't! Shut up, Bella.

Bella: She totally does (to Fiona) By the way, after we fix your eyebrows, we're totally fixing your eyes. I mean, what do you see in him?

(Fiona glares at her while Tony chuckles lightly.)

Tony: Ahh, Bella! You're a riot.


(In Bella's pink bedroom. The girls are hanging out with their male friend, Andy. He's skinny, 5'8, pale, and has jet-black hair.)

Fiona: Hey, Andy. Notice anything different?

(Fiona twirls around, her black skirt billowing out.)

Andy: Hmm, yeah! Is that a new highlighter you're using, Bella? It's totally poppin'.

Bella: Oh my god, yeah! It's the new Venus highlight. So sweet of you to notice, babe.

Andy: I love it. It makes your skin glow like an angel.

Bella: Your comment is, like, the highlight of my day... (giggles) Get it?

Andy: (chuckles) Good one, B!

Fiona: Um, what about me?

Andy: Honey, you could use a bit of highlight like our Queen Bella here. No shade.

Bella: (smiles) Aww, Andy! This is why you're my bestie.

Fiona: Aren't I your best friend too?

Bella: Umm, sure! (mouths to Andy) Not.

(Andy giggles, as Fiona strokes her face.)

Fiona: What do you think of my new eyebrows, Andy?

Andy: I think...

(Suddenly, Bella's phone beeps. She checks her phone screen.)

Bella: Oh my god, I got a message by some random number!

Andy: Oh my god, what does it say?

(Fiona sighs, feeling ignored.)

Bella: (reading) 'Hey there. This might sound very creepy, but I am pretty sure I just saw you at Lux Beauty, and you were waiting for your friend to get her eyebrows done. I memorized your number when you gave it to that lady. I am sorry, you are very pretty.'

Andy: Oh my god... what the actual hell.

Fiona: Whoa... I just got the chills.

Andy: Ew, what if this rando is spying on us right now?

(He scans the bedroom, feeling paranoid.)

Fiona: Bella, are you okay? You've gone quiet.

Bella: I'm... oh god... I can't believe this is happening...

Andy: Sweetie, it's okay, we will protect y-

Bella: (squeals) This is amazing!

(Andy and Fiona are both taken aback.)

Bella: I'm so beautiful that I make people fall in love with me, effortlessly. This just confirms it. I should become a supermodel! I'm talking Oriana Angel model, not some fake social media poser, and then I'll be on all the covers of Hello! Magazine and Vogue-

Fiona: Bella, listen-

Bella: I mean, I was obviously born to be a Hollywood actress, but who knows? I've got the looks and class of an Oriana Angel. Then again, I don't want my acting talent to go to waste. I might be both since I'm a natural star.

Fiona: I don't think-

Bella: Oh, shut up. Who cares what you think?

Andy: Sweetie, I'm glad you're happy, but I need you in the present. Right now, you gotta understand this situation is very freaky. We don't know who this guy is. He could be, like, a desperate lunatic stalker!

Bella: (anxious) R-really?

Fiona: Yeah, he might be obsessed with you. Lord knows what he'll do to get you! Maybe he's so psycho, that when you reject his love, he'll hunt your ass down.

Bella: (whimpers) No... not my pretty little ass...

(Her phone buzzes again. She shrieks and throws it away. Andy quickly catches it.)

Andy: He sent another message.

Bella: Burn it! Get rid of it!

Fiona: What did he say?

Andy: (reading) 'I apologize if I startled you. I work with numbers for a living and I have a photographic memory, so it kinda stuck in my head. I'm actually a nice guy, I promise!'

Bella: (shudders) That's something a serial killer would say.

Fiona: How do you know that? Have you been around serial killers before?

Bella: It's common sense. Jeez, how stupid can you be?

(Fiona rolls her eyes.)

Andy: Do you remember seeing any weird guys in the store, Bella?

(Bella strokes her chin thoughtfully.)

Bella: Hmm... weird guys...

(Her eyes widen in horror.)

Bella: Oh my god. I know who it is!

Andy & Fiona: (in unison) Who?

Bella: It's none other than (dramatic pause) Nathan Conway.
Published: 11/17/2018
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