Were You Worth My Love?

When the person you love the most leaves you, you are just left with lots of questions and one of them is, was he worth your love?
When you used to smile I kept my spirits high
When your face turned sad my heart used to cry
When you spoke to me the entire night,
The day was bright and my strength used to fly
But when you broke up with me
I wonder, were you worth my love

Nothing was more important than to see your face
No gift was more precious than your smiling face
Holding your hand and watching the stars
Those were the moments I used to feel safe
But when you left me, crying and all alone
I wonder, were you worth my love

I can still remember your breath, your touch and your presence
But then I realize that you have left me long ago
and I just have those moments to remember
You used to just look at me and get to know my pain
I wonder what happened this time, as my tears still keep rolling
I wonder, were you worth my love...
By Niharika Arya
Published: 8/19/2011
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