Western Clothing

Talk about western clothing and the images of cowboy hats and boots crop up in the mind! Here's a look at the important elements that form the basis of the western style of clothing.
It was an ordinary day at the inn in Texas. As the signboard creaked in the wind, a group of galloping horses electrified the atmosphere as they came rushing in towards the inn. Every horse had a rugged man astride. Dressed in their very best attire, these cowboys sure looked like they mean business. Sitting astride every horse was a smartly dressed guy in cowboy hats and cool boots that looked really impressive. Somehow their attire transported one into a different era altogether!

This was actually a scene from one of the many cowboy movies I have been hooked on to! Western clothing has always been characteristic in its own ways. Amongst the latest fashion trends, the west has always held its ground due to the uniqueness of the attire. Initially, the term cowboy only signified an animal herder. Over time, the cowboy image was glamorized to create a great effect. The origin of this image was first seen in Spain. Women in particular, also made a mark with their horse riding skills. Thus one saw the arrival of cowgirls on this scenario. The rodeo competitions further popularized this trend.

Soon, western clothing gained prominence in the world of fashion. Even today, one can find many stores that cater to specific styles of this clothing. Fashion designers even contribute to this effect by crafting some of the most designer forms of attire.

Western Look: When Style is All That Matters

In the olden days, cowboys wore long-sleeved shirts with jeans and hats. These were a far cry from the sophisticated versions we see today. The basic boots and buckled belts soon became a fashion statement and designer houses incorporated this as a new trend and worked to make this look more accepted amongst the fashion conscious crowd! Brands such as Wrangler soon became synonymous with this type of western wear due to the very stylish blue denim jeans.

The basic western shirt is imperative to create the cowboy look. These shirts can be plain in pastel shades or with checks. The shirts should be long-sleeved. Snap buttons and a piping that goes across the chest are some of the characteristics of such clothing.

Blue jeans are the next must-have items for the perfect cowboy look. Snug fits with straight cuts or bootlegs are quite a favorite. Although an actual cowboy would prefer something that is comfortable, the fashionable lot would beg to differ! Jeans look complete only when worn with buckled belts. These buckles are often large and made in silver or brass material.

Leather clothing is required to complete the western look. Long leather jackets matched with gloves are an absolute must to obtain the cowboy style! And how can one forget the boots! The authentic cowboy boots may need you to get accustomed to the fit. These have sharp toes and heels and are suitable for riding. Black and brown boots are considered to be really haute.

No cowboy can ever be complete without a hat! A wide brimmed straw hat for the summers and a felt fur hat for the winters help to complete the look!

These western fashion clothing ideas can be used to create a fantastic effect if you know how to combine elements. After all, there are certain dos and don'ts you would need to follow for any kind of a fashionable concept. For a rugged look, grow a mustache or even a beard! It will only help to make the look authentic. So, what are you waiting for? Giddyap!
By Kashmira Lad
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