What Do I Do?

I'm currently in a new relationship and this explains how I feel..
I think I'm in love,
What do I do?
Do I tell him how I feel
Or do I push on through
Without saying a word
And not show any signs
That he has stolen
This little heart of mine?

I think I'm in love
What do I do?
I'm so scared to tell him
Cuz it's so soon.

I think I'm in love
What do I do?
If I say it to him
Would he say it too?

Now I know I'm in love
What do I do?
I want to tell him badly
But don't have the courage to, sadly.

I know I'm in love
But I'll just have to wait
If he says it back,
Then I'll know it was fate.

God brought us together
I'll just give it time
I just hope he doesn't break
This little heart of mine.
Published: 8/17/2011
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