What Does a Teacher's Assistant Do

What exactly does a teacher's assistant do? Need to have some information on the same? Let's get you some of the same. Ready when you are.
A teacher's position and job profile is one of the most highly respected job profiles all around the world. It is a job that has to do with imparting knowledge and shaping futures by teaching them about the important concepts, as well as values. Thus there is no doubt regarding why it is a highly respected job. Taking up the responsibility of teaching children is something that cannot be taken lightly and it is a position that requires one to possess a lot of knowledge, wisdom and the patience to handle a class. Depending on the age group that one handles, the duties that one performs as a teacher will differ. Enter the teacher's assistant. Given the nature of the job and the importance that is pegged on the duties that a teacher performs, a teacher's assistant becomes a necessary element because he/she will assist the teacher in all the basic duties and thereby help in improving the quality of the work, which in the long run is a boon for the students. A teacher's assistant basically helps a teacher with all the duties that go with being a teacher. But what does a teacher's assistant do, really? This is exactly what we shall be concentrating on in the following article. Continue reading to know more.

Teacher's Assistant Job Duties

Many times, people don't realize what it takes to be a teacher, let alone understand the details of what a teacher's assistant does. In the following paragraphs we will get into a more detailed study of some of the duties that a teacher's assistant is expected to perform.

Assisting with Lessons
Even though the bulk of the work is done by the class or subject teacher, many times the teacher's assistant will be required to take up the job of filling up for some of the classes. This can be a regular feature or when the teacher is on leave for whatever reasons. This can also be brought in if the teacher has too much workload and needs some help in that direction.

Sometimes, the teacher will ask their assistant to prepare charts or powerpoint presentations for their lessons with a view to help make the lesson more interesting and helpful for the children.

Clerical Work
Some assistants will handle clerical work in addition to the teaching (if any). Clerical work can include any of these tasks: Calling the roll call, filling the report cards with the student grades, reviewing the progress of the students.

Helping Students
They also expend assistance by helping the children look for appropriate information for projects by taking them to the library. In case of very small children, what does a teacher's assistant do? They are expected to help with the overall schedule of the kids - helping in lessons, feeding, assisting them to the playground or the library etc. These are some of the basic duties that fall under the preschool teacher job description.

Arranging for Field Trips
Many schools stress on imparting practical knowledge by bringing into action the method of field trips and study trips or camps. The teacher's assistant is expected to help make arrangements for the same by calling the place of the trip as well as keeping an eye on the kids.

Keeping a Check on Supplies
Several supplies and materials are required on a daily basis for all the classroom work that is carried on, the teacher's assistant might be expected to maintain an inventory for the same and make sure that all the supplies are duly brought and kept ready for usage.

Grading Papers
Many times, a teacher might ask his/her assistant to grade papers and maintain records of the same.

Maintaining a Website
Many schools and colleges provide subject websites for the public. These provide for extra information on the subject at hand. While others have internal networks as well where a record of all the projects and notes is maintained so that it helps the students keep up-to-date with their work. The teacher's assistant might have to handle a portion or a majority of the work.

Counseling students and helping them with problems related to the syllabus as well as any personal problems is also taken up by a teacher's assistant.

Along with these duties, there might be several other duties that a teacher's assistant might be expected to take up. The nature of these tasks will depend on the level of classes as well as the rules regarding the same in different schools. A teacher's assistant, as is clear, handles most of the duties that a regular teacher does. Therefore, the onus and the responsibility is similar to that of a teacher and has to be handled like so.
By Rujuta Borkar
Published: 3/25/2011
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