"What Does It Mean?"

Alone at Christmas...
Candles in red, trees of evergreen.

Silver thistles hang so pretty,

What does it all mean?

To some it's warm, cozy and bright.

Everything glistened and pearly white.

I'm told it's a time of

Family, friends, and others.

To gather all round, Father's and Mothers.

So as you come together for Carols in song,

remember to pray for ones that won't sing.

Some have no voice, no cheer in their heart.

No presents to give, nor none will bring.

They sit alone by an unlit fire.

Wanting and yearning for familiar desire.

They have no funds, no money you know.

They have no family, no photos to show.

"What does it mean?",

they say with a sigh.

Why should they be happy,

and why can't they cry?

Christmas means nothing, just another day.

Only another memory, their hearts tucked away.

Have a wonderful Holiday, but remember one thing.

There are those who won't,

They know not what it means.


Published: 12/18/2007
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