What Have We Done?

A look at what one thinks and does in depression, anxiety, and ADHD.
Many know who is around me, and my life is full of thoughts. Questions keep coming in my mind when sitting idle. If you sit in a place for too long, you may fall asleep or your body will change if you sit too long. It seems that working out keeps you aware and brain moves at super speeds. A person with this fortunate gift can control a schedule to be active, seems like being active could be a natural body function in the battle of depression.

Famous rapper Eminem admitted, he used this to beat some sort of problems he had been going through and corrected his actions through constant movement. So in schools, at home, so on... kids prescribed bad drugs to slow them down who are potentially being what society wants them to believe. The fact of the matter, we see an action and react with little but untasteful reactions. Shame to us, to hold down such intelligent children.

If the body can stay moving, it can process things around places that would be stored in our antique Internet. Meaning, a lot of brain-rich beings prescribed and slowed into bringing depression and anxiety, and the whole world gets heavy. Exercise should be number one because it works with all systems of the body.
Published: 8/19/2015
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