What I Should've Not Done: Give Up

Regrets, they kill somebody's dreams. Comment, if you can relate to this. Thanks!
Looking straight ahead,
No turning back,
Every step I make,
I need no luck,
The right path,
That's where I should go,
Chances and choices,
I need not be slow,
Going straight ahead,
Not thinking twice,
I need to win this fight,
I need to have a life.

So I went,
Looking for answers,
Fighting troubles and doubts,
I saw the end line,
And there I shout.

When I open my eyes,
I am still standing there,
The point where this journey starts,
I opened my eyes,
And saw my dreams away,
Flying away, they'll never stay.

I ran because of despair,
And my hopes turned down,
I need some air,
Can no one hear me out,
I slipped on a stone,
As hard as my heart,
But I can't stand,
And go back from the start,
Sitting at the center of the road,
Not thinking twice,
I have to end this now,
I can't have my life.

So I stopped,
Looking for answers,
Fighting troubles and doubts,
The way I see the end,
Is far from the start.

When I opened my eyes,
I was higher than the ground,
In this journey of life and death,
I didn't make an act,
I opened my eyes,
Straight ahead I go,
I lost and that's the only thing I know.
Published: 4/4/2014
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