What if I Died Tomorrow

Sometimes I cry just to pass the time.... I want to die.
Sometimes I cry just to pass the time,
And lose myself inside the lights...
So what if my heart is broken,
So what if my mind is empty,
I've got no reason to smile....

Keep me dying, keep me down,
Let me see how far you can go,
With the hurt, with the pain,
Keep me dying, keep me away,
From happiness and love...

I've got the bruises and the wounds,
And nothing can ever make it worse,
What if I died tomorrow,
What if this would be,
The end of the world....

Blow a cold kiss my way,
And destroy all the hope,
Drive me insane,
With your hatred... with your love,
It doesn't matter for how long...

This is my way, this is the way,
Of showing you how much,
I hate every single touch,
Coming from you,
On my skin and heart...

Open my wounds,
And bury me inside my world,
Hold me close just for a minute,
No, I'm not dreaming,
I want to die...
Published: 7/21/2012
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