What is Abnormal Psychology

The number of people suffering from abnormal psychology personality disorders is on the increase. These disorders affect the everyday life of a person and make him think that he is someone different from the rest, due to which he doesn't enjoy a normal social life. To know what is abnormal psychology and personality disorder, read on...
Individuals who are suffering from abnormal psychology personality disorders have some kind of unbalance in their way of thinking. They may seem fit an fine physically, but are actually mentally ill in their thinking. There are many types of personality disorders, some are severe and some are mild. However, a majority of the people suffer from mild forms which may turn severe over time. If the disorder is severe, the afflicted person usually won't have any contact with society, or will behave in an abnormal manner.

What is Abnormal Psychology

This is a section of psychological science which studies and deals with behavior which are considered abnormal. The aim of such a study is to reach the root causes of personality disorders and analyze personality disorder symptoms. The analysis strongly focuses on controlling personality disorders and making plans of actions which contribute significantly to several ways of treatment of personality disorders.

Types of Personality Disorders

Borderline Personality Disorder
A person suffering from this type of personality disorder is always in unstable moods and has a low self-image. Frequent mood swings without an acceptable reason are generally experienced. They have an increased level of expectancy from themselves as well as from other people who are in contact with them. If they don't get what they expect, they may act in a violent manner. This may lead to self physical injury or even suicide.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
People suffering from this kind of personality disorder are excessively concerned with flawlessness and cleanliness. They want everything to be in a perfect manner, and don't even consider small mistakes. Because of their high expectations regarding perfection, they consider others to be incapable of carrying out tasks. They have a bath 2 - 3 times a day and try to keep themselves as clean as possible.

Histrionic Personality Disorder
An individual suffering from this type is in a never-ending search for people's attention. Due to this habit, he may try to dominate conversations and do everything possible to be the center of attraction. Afflicted people tend to dress in a provocative fashion, aggrandizing achievements, faking illnesses, etc.

Avoidant Personality Disorder
In this case, the afflicted people try to avoid any situation which includes communication, like a talk with a person or social interaction. They also have a feeling of rejection by the public, and social inadequacy, which may lead to actions such as not accepting invites for a social gathering or an informal party.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder
This type is reasonably similar to the histrionic personality disorder. A person suffering from this disorder can be referred to as self-centered. He feels envious when some other person is the center of attraction. He is filled with pride and ego, and makes friendship only with imperious people. People suffering from this disorder think too great of themselves.

Paranoid Personality Disorder
Many people suffer from this disorder which includes a feeling of doubt and suspicion regarding others. In this case, sufferers think that others are plotting their downfall. This is a major reason for enmity between friends and colleagues. They never have a feeling of togetherness and friendship. Moreover, they also have a mean character, and always want something in return.

These are some of the common abnormal psychology personality disorders found in people. The causes of personality disorders is considered to be related to the everyday environment and atmosphere which the sufferer has been in.
By Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: 9/27/2011
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