What is Eyebrow Threading

Most women are well acquainted with "What is eyebrow threading", even if they do not know the technique in detail. In eyebrow threading, a cotton thread is twisted, forming a loop in the middle for hair removal purpose. Read on to know more.
When to comes to makeup ideas, women leave no stone unturned to look pretty. One of such beauty tips is eyebrow threading, which is an age-old method for hair removal from the eyebrows. It is believed that the Indians were the first to perform threading of eyebrows. Slowly, this eyebrow shaping method gained popularity amongst the Middle East, European and American women. While majority of the beauty conscious women know "What is eyebrow threading", it is best done by a professional beautician.

Eyebrow Threading: What is it?

Well-maintained eyebrow shapes define the eyes and add to their beauty. Unfortunately, very few of us have perfect eyebrows, that do not need additional treatment. And the best way to have beautiful eyebrows is by means of eyebrow threading. So, what is eyebrow threading and how is it done? As the name goes, it is the technique of removing hair strands from the eyebrows with the help of a cotton thread. Threading can also be practiced to remove body hair, unwanted facial hair or upper lip hair.

The objective of eyebrow threading is to reduce the size of bushy eyebrows and shape them, so that they become clear and distinct. With such a hair removal method, you can flaunt different eyebrow shapes that complement your face structure. During the process, a piece of strong cotton thread is twisted in the form of a double strand. The same thread is laid over the brows to grab hold of the hair, along a line, and remove it. The after-result of properly threaded eyebrows is a well-defined shape.

Eyebrow Threading: Instructions

Eyebrow threading service is available in nearly all beauty salons. So, you can avail the same from a salon expert. First, discuss the eyebrow shape and size, which will look perfect in your face. Consider taking suggestions from the beautician to decide a proper shape for your brows. You can understand better about what is eyebrow threading after going through the instructions. The following are some tips on how to thread eyebrows.
  • Before eyebrow threading, some people apply baby powder lightly over the brows to absorb the excess oil. This eyebrow care tip increases the gripping action of the thread.
  • Hold one end of the thread (say 24 inch length) between the teeth, and the remaining end with the left hand. In doing so, make a loop in the near-middle of the string by twisting several times.
  • Position the thumb and index finger of the right hand in the loop. Place the loop over the eyebrow side to be threaded, and pick up a line from the lower portion.
  • Roll over the thread to remove hair as the twist thread portion moves along. Repeat the same for the hair in the lower portion. Then move to the center and upper eyebrows.
  • Repeat the same eyebrow threading instruction for the other side. If required, the beautician trims the brows with scissors for a more pronounced shape.
  • After eyebrow threading is over, a topical cream is applied over the brows to reduce swelling and inflammation. As it doesn't involve using creams or chemical based products, threading is a safer method than other hair removal techniques.
Eyebrow threading is a relatively long-lasting way of hair removal. Once you attended a session, the next threading can be done after about 4 weeks. Speaking more about what is eyebrow threading, it is entirely different from the eyebrow waxing process. While explaining eyebrow threading vs waxing, the former helps in removing hair strands by their follicles with the help of a thread; while the latter involves application of wax strips (that resemble stencils) with different eyebrow shapes cut out in the middle portion to remove the hair.

So, this was all about what is eyebrow threading. If you are impressed with this hair removal technique and would like to go for the same, then get it done by a salon expert. Otherwise, threading by an inexperienced person can spoil the shape of eyebrows, and you will need to wait for a long time, till your eyebrows grow for the next threading session.
By Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: 9/29/2011
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