What is the Best Car Wax?

Car wax products are used for giving a glossy finish to the car exterior. There are quite a few good quality car wax products available in the market. Let us have a look at what is the best car wax through this article...
Car wax products add shine and gloss to the car and thereby enhance its appearance. Protecting the surface from harmful UV rays and pollutants present in the environment also is one of the important functions of these products. Some of these products are also useful in first cleaning the surface and them imparting a glossy appearance. Carnauba wax is commonly used in preparing these car wax products. The wax obtained from leaves of Copernicia prunifera palm (found in Brazil) is known as carnauba wax.

What is the Best Car Wax to Use

There are many car wax products available in the market and amongst these Turtle, Meguiars, Chemical Guys, etc., are some of the reputed brands. The features of these products and prices are presented in the paragraphs below.

Turtle Wax T-6A
This car wax product gives the surface a shiny appearance and forms a protective coat. Pollutants don't affect/damage the car surface due to the water repellent finish of this product. Ultraviolet rays cause the car finish to become dull over time. The water repellent coat of this product along with protecting the surface from pollutants also prevents UV rays from causing any kind of damage. Since this product is used for different types of finishes the search about car wax for white cars, black cars, silver cars, etc., should end with this product. A pack of Turtle Wax T-6A weighing 1 lbs is priced at around $10.

Express Carnauba
This car wax product from the Chemical Guys company is amongst the best car polish products in the market. This liquid polymer product contains silicone sealants and carnauba wax. There are UV ray absorbers present in this product, which help in protecting the finish of the car. This car wax is especially useful for chrome and other metals as the surface is imparted a nice glossy finish. The effectiveness of this car wax is not diluted even with its direct use under the sun. Abrasives or cleaners are not include in the preparation of Express Carnauba; these chemicals are used in most of the other car wax products. A pack of 1 gallon is priced at around $37.

Meguiars NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0
This product is used as an alternative to the traditional/commonly used car wax. Engineered Synthetic Polymers (ESP) technology is used in the preparation of this paint sealant. A rich, dark and glossy appearance is offered to the car surface with use of this product. Other benefits of using this car wax are as follows: easy-to-apply, fool-proof, long-lasting and fast. This product being a paint sealant and not the traditional wax, one can also think of applying another layer of car wax over this one, for even more protection. Signature Series II and Pinnacle Souveran are the car wax products which can be used along with Meguiars NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0. A pack of 18 oz. liquid is priced at around $18.

Mothers Carnauba Cleaner Wax Paste
This carnauba wax product is used for cleaning and protecting the surface of car. Imperfections on the car surface can be dealt with by means of this product. Protecting the car surface after sealing it and finally imparting a shine/gloss is the use of this product. The Brazilian yellow carnauba is used in the preparation of Mothers Carnauba Cleaner Wax Paste. This wax paste doesn't harm the skin. It is removed off the skin so easily that one doesn't have to scrub. A 12 oz. pack of this product is priced at around $13.

It is said that car wax, by making the surface glossy, also helps in reducing the aerodynamic drag experienced by the vehicle. This helps in saving about 7% of fuel consumed by the car on an annual basis. Enhancing the appearance of the car is, of course, the major benefit offered by using these products. One should find information about what is the best car wax for polishing as well as protecting the surface of car through details presented above.
By Shashank Nakate
Published: 4/4/2011
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