What is The Most Energy Efficient Space Heater?

With the energy costs spiraling higher and higher, most people want to opt for an energy efficient space heater. Energy efficient space heater will not only keep you warm, but they will also ensure that the energy costs do not touch the sky.
Space heaters are used to heat a small area. They are often looked upon as complementary heat source and can be used on its own, or as an addition to central heating, to bring more warmth, as and when required. There are advantages of using space heaters. They help in cutting down the energy costs. There are many different types of space heaters available in the market. Before we turn towards the question what is the most energy efficient space heater, we will see the different types of space heaters available in the market.

Types of Space Heaters

When we have to survey the market, we will see a number of space heaters, which makes us wonder which is the best space heaters. The most common types of space heaters are fuel based space heaters, convection based space heaters and radiant space heaters.

Fuel Based Space Heaters
As the name suggests the fuel based space heaters use fuels like natural gas, kerosene or propane, and are considered to be the most efficient space heater. They are good at heating up rooms, but they emit a lot of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, which are dangerous to health. At the same time with the spiraling cost of natural fuels, it is not a viable option.

Radiant Space Heaters
They are often referred to as most energy efficient space heaters. The heating element used in these space heaters is enclosed in a glass tube. The infrared radiation reflection from the heating element is used to heat the space. There are many different types of heating elements used in radiant heating, like carbon tubes, quartz tubes, metal coils, halogen lamps, etc. It is due to the heating elements used, these types of space heaters are also called infrared, ceramic, parabolic reflective heaters. These space heaters are best for direct or spot heating.

Convection Space Heaters
Fan or blower from the space heaters are used to propel heated air, which helps in even distribution of heat within enclosed area. These space heaters use oil, where electricity is used to heat up the oil. When the oil heats up, with the internal heating system, the heat is radiated into the room. They are among the energy efficient space heaters, however they will not give instant results, as they take longer to heat up the room.

Energy Efficient Space Heater Review

If one has to look at the different space heaters available, you will see that all the types of space heaters are energy efficient. However, there are some points to be considered, when one decides to buy a space heater. It is best to buy a current space heater, whether you opt for a brand new piece or a used piece. Make sure that the model has Underwriter Laboratory (UL) label attached to it. The thermostat should be accurate, which ensures efficient energy consumption. Choose a space heater appropriate for the room, you are going to install the space heater. If you use a small heater, there are chances that the heater will use more energy, likewise if you use a big heater for small room, then there is waste of energy. After reading the basics, we will now see which are the most energy efficient space heaters available.

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater
In the energy efficient space heaters reviews, this space heater has got many rave reviews. It is compact and is able to efficiently warm up the room. This ceramic heater has two different power selections, with an adjustable thermostat. An oscillating fan ensures even distribution of heat in the room. The timer and remote control are features that attract most people to it. There is a complaint about these space heaters, where the users have said that the machine shuts down on its own, when it gets very hot, and the thermostat is not always reliable. The best part about this space heater is that it comes with a three year warranty.

Optimus H-5210 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater
If you have an energy efficient home, then this is the best energy efficient space heater, as it uses less energy as compared to conventional space heaters. As soon as the heater is turned on, you will feel the warm air. There are two different heat settings, which will help you to decide the right warmth for your room. It has automatic shut off for safety. Irrespective of the heat emitted from the heater the equipment remains cool from the outside, which makes it a safe equipment as well.

Holmes HEH8001-U Heater Fan
If you are looking at small size, but big power heating systems, then you will want to consider this energy saver heater fan. One can easily take this heater fan and move from one room to another, which is one of the benefits of portable space heaters. There are two different heat cycles in this space heater, which makes this electric space heater convenient to use. It has a 'Eco-Save' technology, which helps in reducing energy costs considerably.

I hope you have now found an answer to the question, what is the most energy efficient space heater. When you are placing the space heater make sure it is placed out of the way, else there is the danger of the equipment being knocked over or even unplugged. Make sure you buy the right space heater for the appropriate room size.
By Bhakti Satalkar
Published: 2/23/2011
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