What I've Wanted

I had a major huge crush on this guy... who didn't like me back at first. He decided to give me a chance, claiming he likes me, and now it's nothing like I dreamed it would be. I spent 3 months waiting for this?
I've dreamed of this day forever it seems
But in all reality, it doesn't match my dreams
I really thought it would feel different,
Thought I'd feel a little less insignificant.

At first I was your whole world and more
You loved everything deep down to the core
Pushing each other in the swings,
Laughing and giggling over childish things
You made me feel alive.

Now for that laughter I have to strive,
I want to go back to those days in the park
When you carved our names into the tree bark
Because playing in that hot summer sun,
I really felt as if you were the one.

Now I sit here confused and alone,
Though I can now honestly call you my own
Sure you aren't flirting with other girls
But the two of us have run out of thrills.

Why does everything feel so wrong?
This is what I've wanted all along,
Yet it's nothing like I would have imagined
It's like our love has been tied and fastened
No room to grow, no place to expand.

But yet you're still my man,
So I should be happy instead of weeping
I already handed over my heart for safekeeping
But yet inside something still feels wrong
But I will tough it up and be strong
Is this really what I've wanted all along?
What should I do?
Follow your heart.
Talk to him about how you feel.
Break up with the loser, he doesn't deserve you.
Nobody but you can answer this question.
Stay with him until you know what to do.
Break up with him, then think it over without the stress.
Ah who needs love, just get a puppy.
Write another poem duhh!
Published: 8/24/2011
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