What Jobs Hire at 15

At 15 years of age, it is great to experience financial independence, at least to a small extent. Know more about several jobs for teens in this article.
In the US, teenagers are willing to work from relatively younger ages of 13 to 15 years. Obviously, jobs that hire at 15 are not very high paying and they're peanuts when observed from an adult's perspective. However, for teenagers who're 15 years old, even a small amount of money is a great financial boost to their limited weekly or monthly allowances. Moreover, part-time jobs for teenagers are a great way to make them personally more responsible and accountable in daily life. At 15 years of age, however, there are not many options to work, as government has placed stringent rules on child labor. Nonetheless, there are various jobs that hire teenagers who're aged 15 years.

List of Jobs That Hire 15 Year Olds
It is important for teenagers to seek permission from their respective parents and guardians before they are applying for any part-time jobs. Teenagers must also check safety issues at their work place and timings of the job. Since the objective of working in part-time jobs is mostly to supplement pocket money income, teenagers must not get lost in the lure of earning money. They must understand that teenage years are meant to educate oneself and attend school. A balanced approach towards studies and various student jobs is important. Moreover, partying once in a while and managing late night movies, is not banned, but then, a healthy balance is very important. Since with some part-time jobs, time constraints are very high, teenagers can learn time management skills.

General Jobs
Teenagers who're 15 years old can work for general jobs that have been mentioned below.
  • Gardening- Many home owners don't have time to manage their beautiful gardens owing to which the beauty of their home reduces significantly. To manage their gardens, such homeowners hire people who can spend some fixed time in beautifying their gardens. Teenagers interested in gardening can hence, get part-time jobs as gardeners.
  • Babysitting- Babysitting jobs are most popular amongst teenage girls and boys. Majority of couples hire matured teenagers to handle their babies and take proper child care. For this job however, teenagers must have loads of patience and a sense of understanding to deal with children.
  • Grocery Bagger- Teenagers can work as grocery baggers in grocery stores. Grocery baggers, also called courtesy clerks, put groceries purchased by people in bags and they may carry the bags to the customer's cars or in some cases to homes, as well.
  • Car Washing- Many car owners hire teenagers to wash cars on a daily basis. Dominantly, for car cleaning works, many car washing agencies hire teenagers on part-time basis. Car cleaning requires hard work and it can be pleasing for teenagers who're fond of cars.
  • Errand Running- Teenagers can work for small errand running works of various homeowners in their locality. For instance, they can take responsibility of bringing groceries of people and in return can get paid for it.
  • Tutoring- Home tutoring is one of the best part-time jobs for younger people if they are interested in it. Teenagers can teach students on subjects they're comfortable in. For instance, a 15 year old kid, who is very good in mathematics can teach students of elementary schools and other classes, basics in mathematics. Since teenagers can be hired at relatively less money, parents avoid hiring teachers for home tutoring their kids. One of the other advantages of home tutoring is that it helps even teenagers to apply what they have learned in their classes.
  • Delivering Newspapers- Teenagers can take this fairly simple but very disciplined job of delivering newspapers to their homes in locality. Many students work as newspapers delivery man and it just requires 1 to 2 hours from their daily schedule.
  • Pet Care- If you're a teenager who loves pets, you can work on part-time jobs for pet care in pet care agencies or individually for home owners. Teenagers can even work for grooming horses in farms etc.
Theater Jobs
With growth and development of numerous multiplexes and movie theaters, teenagers have opportunities to work in cinema halls, as ticket checker, popcorn seller, coffee seller, book stall assistant and even cashier assistants. The benefit of working in theater jobs is that you get to work in an absolutely joyous environment with crowd buzzing with enthusiasm. Moreover, in many theaters, there are special schemes for employees like they are offered free movie passes and are allowed to attend movie screenings!! So this is really exciting, isn't it? Since these jobs are in shifts, one can easily manage studies.

Retail Jobs
With large number of retail chain stores in existence, teenagers can work in various retail jobs. There are various positions in retail stores for which teenagers are chosen. One can sell products to customers or act as a guide in informing about various products and place they can be found in the store. Many teenagers also work on the cash counters as assistant to cashiers. Mostly, summer jobs for teenagers can be found in fields related to retail chain stores.

Internet and Computer Jobs
Internet is the place to make money these days. If you're comfortable writing and find joy in it, you can become an active blogger and create opportunities for earning decent money. If blogging not possible, you can do freelancing and content writing on the Internet. Besides that you can try to work at numerous data entry jobs that require very good typing speed. Online surveys are another great option for teenagers to earn money through the Internet.

Restaurant Jobs
Ever wondered if you can get a restaurant job? Well, why not? There are various hotels and restaurants that hire teenagers for serving guests. Working in the hospitality sector can add tremendous value to your communication skills and will also help you to realize your true potential. Teenagers can work as waiter/waitresses in most hotels.

Library Jobs
Many local and regional libraries hire teenagers for various library works. So candidates who're interested in book reading can work in libraries. Sometimes, even school and college libraries hire teenagers during summer jobs for various works in library.

This list certainly has included some very popular and easy to get jobs for 15 year olds. Some of these jobs require teenagers to submit resumes and appear for interview tests. For some other jobs, one may require networking skills to build contacts to get the jobs.
By Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: 9/29/2011
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