What To Do When You're Bored

When boredom strikes, it becomes difficult to know what to do when you're bored! So, this comprehensive article is aimed to help you out in your times of boredom.
So, this happened last week. I was on leave, you know, just to take a break. After I finished all my pending chores, which was by afternoon, I decided to have lunch. After that, it was like I was the "chosen one" by the Gods of Boredom. Whatever I did, I couldn't get myself to get out of the boring stupor. It was terrible. That is why I decided to write this article for my dear readers, to help you'll beat boredom. So, what to do when you're bored? Let's see.

Bored at Home Alone
As much as being home alone may be an absolute delight for anyone, after a certain point of time, boredom tends to crawl upon you, if you don't stay busy. So, what to do when you're bored at home alone?
  • Sleep
  • Repeat everything on TV with an accent
  • Create a fake id on a social networking site. Add random people and leave notes saying that you are their childhood friend.
  • Make a list of hobbies, in general.
  • Put the TV on mute and speak for everyone on TV, that should be fun!
  • Check out funny videos on YouTube
  • Make a list of 30 things that you like about each of your friends
  • Make a list of 10 "things you could live without" about each of your friends
  • Analyze your last relationship (or why you haven't had a relationship)
  • Click self photographs (you will get good at it eventually)
iBuzzle is aware of the fact that being home alone is not the ultimate boredom bringer. So, carry on reading.

Bored at Class
Pink Floyd proudly sang "We don't need no education!", you seem to agree with him if you are getting bored at class. Well, no judgments here, I belonged to your clan. So, what to do when you are bored at class?
  • Pay attention in class, you could end up learning something
  • Keep asking redundant and inane questions to your professor
  • Burst out crying (audibly) and complain that you miss your home planet
  • Stand up and sit down every 5 minutes. Don't say anything while doing it and pretend like you are not even aware about it.
  • Whisper to your friend very loudly saying that professor is "so cool!". Have your friend respond similarly. Have a conversation along these lines
  • Wink at your teacher and smile slyly every time he/she looks at you
  • Go to your teacher and ask her if she would like to go to Nixon's Rally with you. Be serious and secretive while doing this
  • Stand up and accuse your friend of copying an answer from your thoughts. Misuse of telepathy!
  • Try to count your hair
  • Do a countdown till the end of the class
So, I hope you now have a slight idea about what to do when you are bored at class.

Bored at Work
Ok! now whatever you do, do not tell my boss about this. What to do when you're bored at work? I'll tell you.
  • Google people. It is a lot of fun, type your friends' names in the search box and see the results. You could even try it out with Google images.
  • Make a list of reasons why you love your job
  • Go and talk to people in your office. It's a great way to foster team spirit
  • check out ideas for decorating office cubicles
  • Hold a swivel chair race
  • Distribute sweets to people and show them your calculator. Tell them your computer and scanner had a baby!
  • Check out quotes and jokes on the net
  • Organize your desk
  • Invent a new language and speak to everyone in the office in that language only. You can send out in-house emails in that language itself, just for fun
  • Observe one colleague very closely, and look at him/her seductively, constantly!
Hope your boss doesn't sue me for this and hope mine doesn't fire me for telling you what to do when you're bored at work!

Bored with a Friend
It is ordinarily very seldom that someone would get "bored as hell" when they are with a friend. What to do when you're bored with a friend? Let's see some fun things to do with friends when you're bored.
  • Have a Pillow Fight
  • Play Naughty Truth and Dare.
  • Record illicit conversation and playback for EVPs
  • Create a new universal language. Insist that you'll converse in that language only
  • Play first impressions. In this game, everyone one tells the first impression they had about each other
  • Make a funny short movie (with everyone in it) and upload it on YouTube
  • Make your own website. Voice harsh opinions and see how people respond.
  • Call up someone who you all don't exactly like, anonymously and in a husky voice ask them to describe what they are wearing.
  • Start an open mic story and see how it ends
  • Talk about the end of the world
Bored on the Internet
There are times when we go into the depths of boredom when we are on the Internet. So, what to do when you're bored on the computer? Lots of options
  • Google random words and see the different results you get on the Google search engine.
  • Check out blogs and give honest comments
  • Enter chat rooms with an alias and have discussions on politics and environment
  • Join an online dating site, even if you don't need to
  • Visit websites that allow you to edit your photographs online and use it
  • Read online books and articles
  • Check out the stuff on ebay
  • Update your blog (start one if you don't already have one) and read your friends' blogs too
  • Do a plagiarism check on the content of different websites
  • Check out a list of hobbies online
The Internet has a host of options available for the bored. Just explore it and you will know how to kill time.

Bored on the Computer
The Computer is the modern toy and machine. So, what do you do when you're bored on the computer? Let's see.
  • Play video games and try to beat your own score again and again
  • Play chess against the computer
  • Try making a sketch using "paint"
  • Watch downloaded episodes of popular TV shows
  • Edit photographs and videos
  • Listen to music while you do all the above
  • Learn how to type in the QWERTY format
  • See how much time it takes you to type all the keys on the keyboard, only once.
  • Explore the computer for cool applications and try to learn how to use them
  • Change the settings of the computer, to see which one suits you best
I believe trying out these activities will help you kill time if you don't have a net connection.

There are several hobbies that you could develop to bring more value to your time. Always remember, "Time well spent is a smart investment". I hope that reading this article has not only helped you know what to do when you're bored, but also helped you kill some time! Well, my job is done. This is where I sign off!! Have fun!!
By Rashida Khilawala
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