What to Say to a Girl You Like

It is clear that I like her, but what should I say to her. That's the first thought that arises in every guy's mind when he sees a beautiful fairy floating around. So, what should you say to make a first good impression, this article tells you all about it.
Attractions and infatuations are common till we get old. They are very common among young guys and girls. Young men and women have an active social life, they go out for parties and gatherings frequently. Every young guy is love struck every time he sees a young beautiful woman with shiny hair and mesmerizing eyes. So, let's assume that you've got your eyes stuck on this beautiful girl in a party. You obviously want to talk to her but can't think of anything to say? You begin scratching your head, you begin to feel sweaty and nervous, suddenly the whole venue is empty and it is just you and the girl. Now you are obviously thinking of some impressive to say, but wondering where to begin!

Guys, you obviously want to make a good first impression. You want to make her feel comfortable and lucky. You need to have a conversation starter that keeps her interested in you and not the party. You need to think of some compliments that might impress her but not make her feel that you have some other intentions. You should have some good lines to say so that she laughs and smile. Obviously, she is beautiful and she knows it, so giving her the obvious compliments won't do any harm. Always remember that the style you use to say your compliments also matters.

What to say to Her for the First Time

She's the girl of your dreams and every time you see her you go weak in your knees. In your mind you've already been on 3 dates, you've held hands given her a big hug and may be even kissed her. There's only one problem, you don't even know her name and you have never spoken to her before. There are no hard and fast rules in liking someone. You may get many opinions about her that say that she's not your type, out of your league etc, etc. but whatever anyone says she may be the girl of your dreams.

The first thing you do is make her notice you. You can do that by passing in front of her and giving her that occasional smile as you pass by. However, don't make a fool of yourself by passing by again and again every 2 minutes. Give it a rest and after a couple of days you can also say the favorite "Hi". Now that is clear that she's noticed you, it's time to start a conversation with her. Ask her some genuine questions like 'Do you know this address?' or if you see her walking down the road ask her if you could give her a lift. Thinking of some good conversation topics is not a bad idea. After you've met her a few times, I think it's safe to ask her out for a coffee. She may say yes or no, and both the answers could be genuine. Try to see if her yes or no are convincing and then only plan something else.

What to say to Her in a Text Message

Now that you've got her phone number don't be in a hurry to make a call. If you want to make a first good impression it's better if you take it slow. Now most guys will think, what can be said in a text? It's quite logical but please don't send her some thankful forwards from your friends. It's a big turn off, girls like guys who are flirty and creative. Make sure you message her in the night probably after dinner time, at that time she would be free and ready to chat through SMS. Come up with something nice to say like, "Like it was great meeting you" "You looked lovely today" and "Thanks for saving me from that boring party and keeping me company". If you are saying the last compliment make sure that the party was actually boring. You can actually even flirt with her a little bit but don't overdo it. You can say that, "I think I am going to be the talk of my class or neighborhood tomorrow, as most of my friends saw me dancing with you." This is called playing safe, it's obvious she's loving all the attention you are giving to her but she's going to be calm. So, it's up to how well you can manage your first SMS conversation with the girl you like.

What to say to Her on the Phone

As a guy, you've probably been in this situation once or twice. You pick your cell phone, dial her number she answers it and then you're blank. It's like you've forgotten to speak. This is very true because most guys don't know much about talking to a girl. The thing to remember on a phone conversation is that your conversation begins even before you call her. Always have a reason to call her, the reason doesn't have to be a logical one. However, make sure it's not even stupid. You can invite her for a cup of coffee but first see how is the conversation going. You can even call her to say hello and keep the conversation interesting. Be sure that you are yourself while talking on the phone and don' try to be someone you're not. It's good to say nice things like "It's good to hear from you" or "It's nice to hear your voice". But don't sound desperate, as you can put her off in a second. Make sure you smile while you talk and she will feel the same. Tell her about your day and share something interesting and funny. Make sure you don't ask her what she's doing or who she's with etc, etc. Don't treat her like your property.

So, I think now you have a fair idea of what to say to a girl you like, if you're out on a date these romantic quotes will come in handy. Just be confident and be yourself, you are going to walk her home.
By Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Published: 8/27/2010
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