What to Wear to Attend a Wedding

Thinking of what to wear to attend a wedding? If yes, then the tips and suggestions on what to wear to a wedding given in this article will help you a lot. So, continue reading to know more...
At some point in your life, you will be attending the wedding of someone close to you. You may then keep wondering what to wear to a wedding. At this time, deciding the dresses to wear to a wedding can be quite confusing. Wedding dresses have to be something special that make you feel comfortable and look stunning. The dresses to wear to a wedding would be easy to shop if you are aware of the best stores and shops around you. Consulting your close friends and some renowned designers can help to understand what to wear to attend a wedding. The next few paragraphs have more details about the dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest.

Wedding Dresses for Men

One of the finest dresses to wear to a wedding for men would be the formal clothes. They would look much more decent and will give a royal feeling. There are so many brands to choose from for the formal dresses and hence men would never find it difficult to purchase the right kind of clothes and carry off themselves in complete style and elegance. Formal shirts and pants along with a blazer and necktie would look very good. The color of clothes should not be too dark. Instead, you can choose light blue or the white color which looks simply the best.

Beach weddings can have a bit of informal clothing, but one should follow certain rules and regulations to look the best. For such weddings, light colored linen pants and good quality cotton shirts should be the preferred choice. Instead of the formal suit, you can wear your trendy jacket which will look equally impressive. You should always remember that the wedding attire for guests should be planned in advance to avoid confusion at the last minute regarding what you would be wearing. This information on the dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest for men must have guided you in the right way. In the next section, let us know what to wear to a wedding for women.

Wedding Dresses for Women

Knowing what to wear to a wedding for women can be more difficult. This is because the kind of options available for women to dress up are much more than those for men. However, dresses can be expensive and hence you need to decide your budget beforehand and then step out for the big shopping.

Long skirts can be the ideal options for young women to wear for a wedding. A formal suit can also be included in the list of what to wear to attend a wedding for working women. Light colored gowns can be good clothing options for women and colors like blue, pink or cream color are known to be extremely popular. Knee length short floral dresses along with a stylish hat could also be the best choice for women. The time of the wedding also plays an important role in deciding what to wear to a wedding. A dressing sense suggests that you should avoid wearing black colored clothes for a day wedding. The clothes must not be too loose or tight fitting if you wish to look your best in them.

So, this was all about what to wear to attend a wedding. If you have some more suggestions of your own on what to wear to a wedding, then you can go ahead and implement them to catch a lot of attention at the wedding. All the best!
By Charlie S
Last Updated: 9/29/2011
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