What Breed of Dog You Should Get

A big question, 'What type of dog should I get?' This is a question that people keep asking themselves whenever they plan to get a dog. Well, this article is here to solve all your problems and answer your question.
Whenever the question of getting a dog arises, the first thought that crosses everyone's mind is "What type of dog should I get?" There are so many things that you need to consider while buying a dog; size, color, dog behavior, breed, budget of maintaining the dog and so on. If we do not consider these points and get a dog just like that then not only do we suffer but we make our best friends suffer too. Imagine keeping an Alsatian in a very small room, where it has little space to walk, forget run. Will it love it? I don't think so as these dogs love to exercise and without proper exercise they are not themselves. Let's take another example! Suppose your budget is very low and you get a huge dog which needs feeding at least four times a day and they also need regular grooming and all this not for just 10 or 15 days but for 10 to 15 years (life span of a dog). Will you be able to meet all the expenses? I don't think so. Hence it's important that you first decide on "What type of a dog should I have", and do some research work before getting your new best friend.

The Right Dog for You

Dogs are man's best friend. They will do anything to please you, to make you smile, to get rid of your depression and always give you company. They are totally dependent on us for food, shelter, exercise, care, protection and companionship. If they do not get these, then they suffer, from within. Any mistake from your part, they forgive you and they do not hold it against you. Hence, it's your duty to take care of them and be careful of all their needs and it's also important that you give them what their basic demands are; food, proper exercises etc.

First thing that has to be decided is the size of the dog and the size depends on the space available at your house, the space available for the dog to move around and exercise, the space to wag its tail (there should not be such a situation where, as soon as the dog wags its tail, it drops your favorite vase and breaks it). As I have already told you before that going for a big dog, while staying in a small house, is problematic for both the dog and you. Since we had a small place, we chose to have a small dog like a dachshund or maybe a Spitz or chihuahua and so on. If you are looking for some big dogs, then you can go for either a Great Dane or an Alsatian or a Dalmatian etc.

Energy Level
The next thing that you have to decide on is the energy level. Your dog's energy level should be lower than your energy level. If you have a dog whose energy level is pretty high while your family is laid back and hardly ever goes for any exercises, then never go for these dog breeds. If they do not utilize their energy properly everyday, then they become bored, unruly and even destructive. And on the other hand, if you have a family who loves all kinds of outdoor activities, then instead of going for a dog with a lower energy level (too much exercises will only wear them out) go for the dogs with higher level of energy.

Now comes the most important part, the budget. If you feel that your budget is enough, only then get a dog. Maintaining a dog is not a joke. You have to feed them, you have to groom them and protect them for years (10 to 15 years to be precise) and if suddenly in the middle of the year, you feel that you cannot look after the dog as your budget is low, then letting go of the dog will be very difficult. The amount spend behind the dog also depends on the size of the dog as bigger the size, more you have to spent behind its food and grooming. We knew that with the house and the budget, it would be best if we could go for a smaller breed of dog as they will be easier to look after.

These were some of the important pointers that you need to keep in mind while buying a dog. Besides these there are some more points too that you have to pay heed to and they are:
  • Make sure that no one in the family is afraid of dogs or is allergic to dogs. There are some dogs who sheds a lot, so if anyone in your family is allergic, or if you have kids, then it's better that you go for dogs that don't shed much.
  • Keeping a dog is a big responsibility not only for just one person, but the entire family. Everyone needs to be responsible enough to care for the dog and look after it.
  • Proper love is required for the dog to be happy. If everyone in the family agrees for a dog, or if everyone loves a dog, only then go for one. If the dog receives love from just one or two members in the family and the rest hates him, then the dog can never be happy.
  • If you are still confused, then you can always try out to take some quizzes which you can get online anytime, in order to clear all your confusion.
Hope these tips were helpful. Think about these points before you buy the dog, think about all the pros and cons of having that breed of dog, because without proper dog care, these dogs cannot be happy.
By Ratnashri Dutta
Last Updated: 9/27/2011
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