What We Do

An explanation of feelings when you are with that certain someone...
The long walks, just to get to you,
Your touch, your smell, your warm embrace,
When we do what we do,
It takes away all the pain.

But so soon as it's gone, it's back again.
The only one catching feelings, that’s how it seems,
But I come back once again to be with you,
When we do what we do,
It all starts again.

Babe is what you call me, at least sometimes that is,
I wonder do I say it back, 'cause it means more to me,
Don’t want what we do to just become a thing,
I want all of you baby, just you and me,
Most of my first were with you and it felt amazing,
When we do what we do,
I don’t want to lose this feeling.

What we have I can’t lose, it means too much to me,
When we do what we do, it makes us both feel free,
No one and nothing can change what we have,
Just being with you is all I want,
When we do what we do,
I know that I'm right where I am supposed to be.


'What we do' could easily be interpreted as making love, but that is not all it can be. Answer the poll.
When you read the poem what does it seem like to you?
Being with someone you love.
Just talking to that special someone.
Making love.
Published: 9/10/2012
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