What Weighs On My Mind

A nice poem to make you reflect and smile.
Though the day is bright,
And I recognize my might,
I still feel that emptiness;
A very familiar plight.

I look back at myself to see what it could be,
I catch shadows of my thoughts and try to ask,
"Hey come here, just explain to me";
"What are you doing and what is your task?"

The 'shadows' do not stay still, they smile and laugh,
Saying, 'We cannot tell you but you can surely feel',
'The colorings and shadings of this pictograph,'
A look at it and your emptiness may surely heal.'

The pictograph of knowledge that the day belongs,
To one that prays and one that prays along,
That the pictograph of love that is rendered and received
Is not so constant, though this is not what you perceive.

The pictograph of friendship, you trust in so well,
Is not so smooth, is that for me to tell?
That the blind faith that you have in all,
Is not so necessary, as it might make you fall.

Continue on your path anyway, be kind,
Happily be done with have all the tasks you have to do,
All this will then not weigh on your mind,
And the emptiness will then bid adieu.
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Published: 11/19/2012
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