What's the Point of Living?

The poem pretty much explains itself.
What's the point of living,
When everything's a mess.
What's the point of living,
When in the end it's just death.

What's the point of breathing,
To just let it all out.
What's the point of being here,
Sometimes I want to shout.

Reality is different,
Most of the time it's pain.
Dreams make you feel real,
And you just get hurt again.

Why should I stay here,
When in the end I know I die.
Why can't I just do it now,
Won't have to say goodbye.

What's the point of living,
Don't think I want to anymore.
What's the point of living,
I think I'll just shut the door.

I'll end this pitiful life,
Just say goodbye.
The end doesn't matter,
Doesn't make a difference.

I'll just leave it hanging,
Forget all my problems.
Let time stop,
And pray for everyone around me.
They're the best...
Published: 3/12/2013
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